What are the collateral consequences of a misdemeanor in Frederick, MD?

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When compared to a felony, the misdemeanor is considered a minor crime. Even so, it still can have severe consequences, with a sentencing for up to 2.5 years in jail and considerable fines. These are direct repercussions, but the collateral consequences of a misdemeanor in Frederick, MD, are something that not many people are aware of. That is why it is recommended to have a personal injury lawyer from Frederick, MD, by your side that knows these things and can offer you the best legal recommendations.

What are collateral consequences?

Getting convicted of a misdemeanor and a criminal record can permanently affect your life in the future. For example, you could become ineligible for housing vouchers or public housing. Your Frederick injury lawyer will tell you that the Public Housing Authority (PHA) is legally allowed to deny you if you’ve been involved in drug or alcohol related activities. But this is not all, because many public services may deny your access, including grants, work assistance, welfare benefits, and federally backed student loans.

If you are ever convicted of a drug offense (including for marijuana), this will result in the permanent loss of your right to own a firearm. DWI, DUI, and illegal alcohol will only result in the suspension of your driver’s license or even possibly revoked, depending on the case and how good your personal injury attorney from Frederick, MD is. This usually happens when the alleged crime is closely related to job performance.

Having a criminal record can also make it extremely difficult for you to get a job and live normally, as not many people will want to hire you. It is true that there are laws against discrimination, but they are hard to enforce (especially in the private sector). You can ask your Frederick injury attorney to see what you can do to protect your work rights. Convicted immigrants with legal resident status could end up being deported for certain misdemeanors.

How can your Frederick injury lawyer help you?

Indifferent of the type of misdemeanor, it will still have a great impact on your life. That is why it is best to fight it with everything you have from the start. You should contact a personal injury attorney from Frederick, MD, and discuss details of your case. The most important thing is not to hide anything from your lawyer. If you do so, it is possible for your Frederick injury attorney to be taken by surprise in court and not be prepared to defend you properly. In addition to this, everything you say to your lawyer will only stay between you two and is protected legally by attorney-client privilege. This allows you to share complex details of your case and your lawyer will be permitted legally not to disclose anything you say to him.

To discuss details of your case and for more information about misdemeanor cases you can contact the best personal injury lawyer from Frederick, MD, at (443) 569-3950 or send an email at [email protected].

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