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A product can be considered defective due of certain errors in products or design or because the manufacturer failed to provide adequate warnings and instructions. If a person gets injured by defective products, they can file a product defect claim with the help of their injury attorney and possibly receive compensation in Maryland. If a defective product has harmed you or caused any type of property damage, you should contact your faulty product lawyer to see what your legal options are.

Consumers are protected by law

Product manufacturers, designers, retailers and distributors have a legal responsibility and should provide consumers with functional and safe products. Any product defect that causes harm to a user is ground for a product liability claim. According to the law, there are three categories of defects of which entities from the chain of distribution can be found liable for:

  • Manufacturing issues
  • Flawed design
  • Inadequate warnings

Manufacturing issues

This type of defect can arise intentionally or accidentally during the product’s production stage. A product with a manufacturing issue usually involves the materials used to build the products. A good example of a manufacturing defect is the contamination of a batch of medicine. A product with manufacturing defects does not have the same properties as the products from the same line and since the defect is not systematic, the dangers can be less obvious and corrected. That is why manufacturing defect claims involve injuries caused by specific products. Your product defect attorney from Maryland can help you determine if you’ve been the victim of a manufacturing defect.

Flawed design

Design defects usually affect an entire line of production of correctly made products, but have harmful flaws. These products are either defective or dangerous when used as originally intended. If an airbag doesn’t deploy as it should and injures a passenger, if the airbag was produced exactly how the manufacturer specified, then it has a design defect. If a product is dangerous, this does not automatically serve as proof it has a design defect. In some cases, products can be inherently dangerous from the start (for example: a chainsaw). If you think the product that caused you an injury has a design defect, then you can contact your product defect attorney from Maryland to determine the value of your defective products compensation.

Inadequate warnings

The third type of products defects involves the manufacturer’s failure to provide users with adequate instructions and warnings against potential dangers. For example, if a pharmaceutical company doesn’t advise consumers about all the side-effects and contraindications, then the drug will be considered defective and the person injured by the drug will get compensated. For a failure-to-warn product defect claim in Maryland, you lawyer will have to prove:

  • The danger was not obvious
  • The injury was caused directly by the product
  • The warnings and instructions were not obvious/clear

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