What causes a bicycle testicle injury in Maryland?

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In boys and men, the testicles are not in the body, but they hang outside in a pouch of skin knows as the scrotum. Because of their location, the testicles are extremely susceptible to injuries.

Blunt trauma causes most of the testicle injuries, hurting around 75% of victims. Examples include:

  • Getting kicked
  • Motorcycle accident
  • Bike accident
  • Getting hit with an object (such as a baseball)

The scrotum is sensible and can be cut or pierced, injuring the testicles. They could get hurt by animal bites, accidents, and bullet wounds.

Riding a bike is an incredibly fun activity, but if you have suffered a bicycle testicle injury in Maryland, you should contact a bicycle injury lawyer from Maryland. You could file for bike injury claim in MD against the manufacturer of the bike and receive cyclist injury compensation in Maryland.

Types of bicycle testicle injury in Maryland

Testicle trauma can cause you different problems, as a result of the various types of tissue the testicle are made of. There are a lot of other structures that are attached to the testicles that can also be hurt while riding a bike. Bicycle personal injury to the testicles includes:

  • The injury can tear through the protective covering of the testicles, damaging them.
  • The bicycle personal injury can cause the testicular tissue to break, without tearing the outside protective covering.
  • When the blood vessels inside the testicle are injured, bleeding and bruising can be involved, causing a contusion.
  • The tube known as spermatic cord contains a lot of blood vessels that connect the abdomen and the testicles. An injury to the scrotum can cause the twisting of this chord. The torsion can happen spontaneously, while riding your bike, without an injury.
  • This occurs when blood is collected under the protective layer that covers the testicles
  • In some accidents, the testicles are pushed outside the scrotum and going in the abdomen (in the area of the pubic bone or other areas). This happens mostly in bicycle and motorcycle accidents.
  • This is a testicular trauma that injures the epididymis, making it infected or just inflamed.
  • Animal bites can cause infection to the scrotum.
  • This happens when the scrotum is torn away, just like removing a glove from your hand.

Symptoms of a testicular injury

As most men know, the testicular injury causes substantial pain in the scrotum and abdomen. But these are not all the symptoms of testicular injuries. Other symptoms may be:

  • Blood in the urine
  • Fever
  • Discoloration or bruising of the scrotum
  • Nausea
  • Swelling of the scrotum
  • Difficulty urinating

If you have suffered a bike testicle injury, you should see a doctor as soon as possible because it can turn out to be a medical emergency (such as testicular torsion).

If you suffered such an injury, you should firstly visit the doctor and then contact your bicycle injury lawyer from Maryland. Depending on how the accident or injury occurred, you may be entitled to cyclist injury compensation in Maryland. With the help of a bicycle injury attorney from Annapolis, you can find who is at fault for your injury and bring your bike injury claim in MD to light.

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