What do to in case of domestic assault in Maryland?

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The law defines as domestic assault in Maryland the occurrence of at least one of the following acts between household or family members:

  • Stalking
  • Attempt of rape or sexual offense
  • Assault
  • Any action that causes serious bodily harm
  • Any action that places an individual in fear of serious bodily harm
  • False imprisonment, like interference with freedom or physically keeping a person from leaving their home
  • Kidnaping

With the help of an assault lawyer from Maryland, you can prove the wrong that was done to your and bring the culprit to justice. Furthermore, in this article, you will learn some useful advice that will help you get you assault compensation in MD.

What can the court do in your case?

Depending on the relationship between you and the alleged abuser, there are two main types of civil relief:

The protective orders are the primary vehicle of civil relief for any victim of domestic abuse.

What is a protective order?

The protective order is a civil order that is issued by a judge. The order will command one person to refrain from committing certain acts against other people. The protective order can be filed by anyone who:

  • Is a current or former spouse of the abuser.
  • Has lived together in an intimate relationship for minimum 90 days with the abuser in the past 12 months.
  • Is blood-related, adopted or married with the abuser.
  • Is in a stepparent-stepchild or parent-child relationship.
  • Have had any sexual relationship within one year before the petition is filed.

With the help of an assault victim attorney from Annapolis, you can complete a Petition for Protective Order (or CC-DC/DV1). This will be submitted at the right location, such as the Circuit Court or District Court (or, if the court is closed, to the Commissioner’s Office).

Assault victims by gender

Based on the assault statistics, every 9 seconds a woman is assaulted or beaten in the US. Every minute, around 20 people are physically abused by their partners. This adds up to more than 10 million abuse victims each year. If you take the assault victims by gender, most of the victims are females, being followed by teenagers and elder people. If you were the victim of domestic abuse or assault, you should contact an assault victim attorney from Annapolis and get the assault compensation in MD you deserve.

What can a protective order do?

To protect you (the victim of assault), the judge could order the abuser to:

  • Stay away from you (no contact or harassment)
  • Stop abusing you
  • Stay out of the house
  • Leave the place where you both live (if you are not married with the abuser)
  • Deny custody of the children you have with the abuser (or pet).

If you were the victim of domestic assault in Maryland, you can contact an assault lawyer from Maryland and get justice. You can communicate with the best abuse attorney at (443) 569-3950 or at email [email protected] for a free consultation.

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