What To Expect From A Medical Malpractice Trial In Columbia, Maryland

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If you suffered an injury in the hospital, you might have a valid a medical malpractice claim in Columbia, Maryland. Most malpractice cases do not go to trial, as a settlement agreement is reached. But if it does, the pre-trial investigation period starts which could last for a couple of months (or years). In this time, your personal injury lawyer from Columbia, Maryland, will aid you in proving the hospital/doctor/surgeon’s liability and will shorten the pre-trial period as much as possible.

Columbia Injury Lawyer Trial Preparation

Most of the time, both parties involved in this case will bring medical expert witnesses to testify on their behalf. Your Columbia injury attorney will contact an expert witness that will help your case. This expert can be a physician that will try to explain how the hospital/doctor/surgeon/ breached the standard of care and what you had to go through. You will also be brought forward as a witness. Your personal injury attorney from Columbia, Maryland, will ask the right questions to increase your chances of proving the defendant’s liability and receive medical malpractice compensation.

In general, medical malpractice cases will settle. This settlement can be reached even if the trial starts. Your Columbia injury lawyer can negotiate with the defendant’s lawyers up until before the verdict. So you should not hurry and accept any offer you are presented with. Take your time and accept the offer that you consider to be fair for what you had to suffer.

Medical malpractice trial

At the beginning of the trial you Columbia injury attorney will participate in selecting the jury. The jury selection process is called voir dire and may differ from courtroom to courtroom. In some cases, the judge will let your personal injury attorney from Columbia Maryland question the potential jurors directly.

Once your medical malpractice trial jury is selected, your lawyer and the defendant’s lawyer will present their opening statements. This is when the jury gets to know some details about your case. It is most likely that the defended’s lawyer tries to get your case dismissed, telling the jury that the hospital/doctor/surgeon/,  did nothing wrong and your case has no merit.

The case

After the opening statements, each Columbia injury lawyer can bring forth their own experts and witnesses to offer their expertise. There is no fixed period for this stage, but depending on the complexity of your case and the number of witnesses, it could last for hours, days, or even weeks.

When both parties have no more witnesses to bring forth, the closing arguments will commence. This part is similar to the opening statements part, but it is more emotional so that the jury can emphasize with your case. When both lawyers finish with their closing arguments the judge will ask the jury to reach a verdict. This will be done in a separate room where the people in the jury will argue their opinion. For a verdict to be reached, all jury members need to have the same opinion (guilty or not guilty).

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