What you should never share with your insurance company?

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When you have been involved in some kind of accident, and you have to interact with the insurance company, you have to know how to do it properly. There are a lot of things you need to know and if you say the wrong thing you could lose your claim. When dealing with an insurance company after you’ve had an accident, you should always have a professional to back you up. Getting the help of a personal injury attorney in Annapolis will get your insurance company settlement in MD to succeed. Even so, there are things you should never reveal or say to the insurance company.

You are fine!

No, you are not fine. Even if your injury or destruction of property was minimal, you have to resist the urge to tell the adjuster that you are “okay” or “fine.” Just by implying and saying these words will lead the insurance adjuster to think that you didn’t suffer a severe loss. Also, some injuries take hours until you experience them (such as whiplash or concussion). You should wait until you know you are really okay.

That you may be partially at fault for the accident

Even if you think you have done something that contributed to the accident, such as driven too fast, do not ever tell that to the insurance company. If you think you may be partially at fault, you should firstly consult with your personal injury attorney in Annapolis.

You suffer from whiplash

Whiplash is one of the most common injuries people suffer in a car accident. You should refrain using this words to describe the injuries you have (when speaking with your insurance agency in Annapolis). Because whiplash injuries are not visible on an X-ray scan, the insurance adjuster will be skeptical about their existence. Wait, and after the doctor has made their diagnosis and recommended the treatment, you can reveal the type of injury you have suffered.

Other things

Insurance agencies in Annapolis can mislead you. But you should never give a recorded statement, don’t give detail about your accident and never sign anything without consulting your personal injury attorney in Annapolis.

What should you tell to an insurance company in MD?

Aside from the multiple things you shouldn’t tell the insurance company, some things are crucial to a personal injury claim in Maryland, such as fact-based questions. Your name, where the accident occurred and the information of the other driver. You should use the words “I don’t know” for questions you do not know the answer to. In addition, you need to tell the insurance adjuster that you want to talk with your attorney before answering any more questions.

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