Why Car Accident Reconstruction is Critical to Personal Injury Claims

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In another article, we cover actions that drivers or passengers in a car accident in Maryland should take. They included taking notes on the condition of the road as well as any recollections about what events preceded the collision, and photographs if possible. These may play a part in car accident reconstruction, although the overall analysis is usually performed by an expert.

Developing an overview of what happened on a roadway plays a key role if a personal injury or wrongful death claim is filed. Accident reconstruction experts use physics and other scientific techniques to provide diagrams of what happened prior to and during a crash. Evidence such as road conditions as well as vehicle damage and skid marks from tires help them, and consequentially Maryland car accident attorneys, show a jury what happened.

Some local police departments have officers that are trained in these techniques, however all state patrol officers have a basic understanding from their time at the academy. It is important to note who responded to an accident because of this. In addition to notes from the scene of the car accident, medical records and even analyses from auto mechanics can help reconstruction experts. This helps Maryland car accident attorneys because the scene does not stay static.

Rather, the case becomes an issue of what evidence was found prior to the cars and/or trucks being removed from the roadway, as well as injuries and vehicle damage after the fact. Maryland personal injury lawyers with experience in this type of case have access to expert witnesses with a history of working in court and can both analyze the event and describe it in terms that a jury can understand.

Note that additional inspections may need to be done in spite of all the information above. Accident reconstruction experts may visit the roadway again to review any speed limit changes as well as the shape of curves or other factors. They may also need to visit the mechanic who repaired the vehicle or speak with a car insurance claims adjuster to get additional information about the condition of the vehicle, including brakes and engine issues.

Car accidents in Maryland can be traumatic experiences for everyone who is involved. Choosing an experienced Maryland car accident attorney ensures that injured parties have the best chance for whatever potential jury award or settlement their case merits.

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