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Winter, even though it is a very beautiful season, it may cause a large variety of hazardous roads conditions, which can make driving extremely dangerous and increase the chances of winter accidents to occur in Maryland. The heavy snowfall, black ice, and roads that haven’t been cleared of ice and snow can make it more difficult to keep your vehicle under control and almost impossible to avoid an accident. If you’ve been involved in a winter accident, you should contact your car accident injury lawyer from Maryland and file in injury claim to receive compensation.

Determining the fault

It is the driver’s responsibility to drive appropriately to the driving conditions, especially in winter. Insurance companies sometimes make some allowances for the road conditions, but the driver has to drive with caution.

Insurance companies, when they try to determine the fault, review all the circumstances of the accident, including the bad road conditions and the weather. So, if your car slides into another vehicle or through an intersection as a result to icy surface, you may think that it is completely the result of the bad road conditions and the driver is not at fault. But according to the insurance companies, it is the driver’s responsibility to maintain the control of the vehicle, no matter the road conditions. It may be true that the icy road may be the decisive factor that contributed to the accident and that no driver can control the weather, but all drivers have to be extra careful to avoid an accident (especially during rainy and snowy seasons). You may ask your car accident injury attorney from Maryland to explain to you more about this and you may ask them to help you in dealing with the insurance company.

There are cases when both drivers lose control of their car at the same time and crash into each other. In this case, the fault may be considered 50-50, meaning that no driver is clear of their fault, and that the fault is shared. You may ask your legal adviser to help you gather the evidence you need to prove that the car accident was not your fault.

What if the fault is determined?

In some cases the fault may be determined and if one party is not satisfied with the result, they have the right to appeal this decision. The bad road conditions and weather may be the reason the accident happened in the first place, but the insurance companies don’t use this alone as a determining factor. Instead they may try to argue that the fault is partially the driver’s and partially the weather’s. This may get you to recover some damages, but it will also mean that your insurance will increase.

If you’ve been involved in a winter vehicle accident, contact the best car accident injury attorney from Maryland at (443) 569-3950 or send an email to [email protected] and see what options you have. You may be forced to file a car accident injury claim in order to receive compensation in Maryland.

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