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Your job is supposed to bring you satisfaction, not injuries. Unfortunately, some employers don’t treat their employees with the consideration they deserve and, as a result, accidents happen. It isn’t fair for you to suffer at the hands of the people you work for and this is why we have laws against it. If you have suffered a work-related accident, it is your legal right and obligation as well, to seek a workers’ compensation lawyer in Annapolis and bring the responsible party to justice. Don’t let yourself be intimidated in waving off your rights. We are here to make sure that you get justice and that what has happened to you never happens to other people as well.

The Workers’ Compensation Law in Maryland

Our law states it very clear that an employer has the legal obligation to respect safety regulations and to provide the standard care for their workers. Unfortunately, many companies decide to cut corners, and their employees have to suffer for it. From financial reasons to mere negligence, companies fail to provide a safe work environment and work accidents in Annapolis happen quite often. By deciding to take a stand and fight for your rights, you not only get justice but also help to put an end to this ordeal.

A worker’s compensation claim can be based on a number of work-related injuries. From repetitive motion injuries (such as cubital tunnel syndrome or hypertension) and diseases associated with chemical exposure on a daily basis to one-time accidents (such as construction site accidents or slip-and-fall injuries), most injuries or diseases caused by your work environment represent powerful claims for a workers’ compensation lawsuit. Injuries associated with government contracts in war zones or traveling during employment also constitute the basis of legal claims.

Know Your Rights!

The job of a workers compensation injury attorney is crucial because they are the ones that can fight for your rights and the rights of other employees. The compensation you are entitled to includes the medical expenditures, the loss of income and emotional distress. It is not only about the financial aspect; it is also about bringing the responsible party to justice and making sure that none of their employees has to go through this ordeal ever again.

We understand that it is difficult to take a stand and fight the people you work for, but you are not alone in this battle. With over 30 years of experience and a proven track record, we are the best workers’ compensation lawyers in Annapolis. Our dedicated efforts are fuelled by the burning desire to help create safer work environments by bringing negligent employers to justice and empowering you to take a stand for your rights. Remember that without people like yourself, there wouldn’t be a company and that your employers owe you more than what you have gotten. Contact us and let’s discuss the strategy of your rightful claim.

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