Working with an Electrocution Lawyer in Maryland – What You Need to Know

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An electrical injury can have devastating effects on the human body. Each year, more than 400 people in the USA die as a result of electrocution. In addition to that, those who survive have to go through extensive physical therapy and costly treatments. In case you have been the victim of an electrical accident, you should contact your electrocution lawyer from Maryland and see if you have a valid electrocution claim in MD.

The Electrocution Law in Maryland

Most of the time, an electrocution injury is caused by defective or improper wiring, hazardous premises or malfunctioning products. You have to understand that, to have a valid electrocution claim in MD, you have to prove that a third party is responsible for your injury. That third party could be the municipality, the owner of the land/building where you got electrocuted, the manufacturer of the product that caused your injury, etc. According to the electrocution law in Maryland, if you want to sue for personal injury, you have to prove that a third party was negligent and, thus, caused your injuries.

When You Contact an Electrocution Injury Attorney in Annapolis

When working with an electrocution lawyer in Maryland, you should expect their full support at all times. The attorney will evaluate your initial claim, investigate further and let you know their professional option regarding your chances of success. Together with your lawyer, you will build a powerful strategy that will consolidate your claim and increase the chances of winning the electrocution lawsuit in Maryland.

We know that it can be quite difficult to think about the legal aspects of your injury when you are struggling to accept its reality, but you have to understand that it is your right to seek justice. Moreover, you will have to pay for expensive medical treatment; you may lose salary days or weeks, and you may even lose your job. The same way your doctor can help you cope with the injury and get better, your lawyer can help ease the financial burden on your shoulders and let you focus only on your rehabilitation.

Electrocution Settlements in Maryland

In Rockville, Maryland, a power company allowed trees to grow into the distribution lines. As a result, somebody got electrocuted while being in one of these trees and sustained serious injury. The case settled for $175.000 that the power line had to pay to the plaintiff. Similar examples can be found in Prince George’s Country, Baltimore and Charles County.

The point is that you may not be the one at fault for your injuries, and the law was created to protect you from having to deal with the consequences on your own. Contact the best electrocution injury attorney in Annapolis and Maryland at (443) 569-3950 or through email at [email protected]. We are specialized in electrocution injuries and have a lot of experience with helping our clients receive justice. Contact us anytime and you will receive an expert free consultation that will let you know where you stand with your claim.

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