3 new Maryland divorce laws of paramount importance

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In 2015 three new bills have been approved by the Governor. This has made it easier for Maryland residents to decide when their marriage is over. The Maryland divorce law now has the laws HB 1185, HB 165, and SB 472. And although all these laws help clarify the divorce, if you want to get a divorce, limited or absolute, you should hire a divorce lawyer from Maryland.

The three new bills

The first bill, HB 1185, was introduced by Delegate Katleen Dumais, and it reduces from one year to six months the needed time for one of the parties to reside in MD if the grounds for your divorce occurred outside the borders of the State of Maryland.

The bill HB 165, was introduced by the same delegate and simplifies and clarifies the circumstances that allow a couple can get a limited divorce.

The bill SB 472 was introduced by the Senator Bobby Zirkin, and allows divorce with no waiting period to a couple with no children if they have settled all the issues in signed and written agreement, which is presented to the court. These three bills have modernized Maryland’s divorce law.

The changes in the family law from MD – Explained

It is fairly obvious that these three laws offer significant benefits. In our modern times, making someone wait 12 months until filing for divorce, just because the reason for this divorce occurred outside Maryland is exigent. That is why reducing the time from one year to six months is a good thing.

The second law removes the elements of the limited divorce ground which required voluntariness of the separation and an absence of any reasonable expectations of reconciliation. This means that this law recognizes that if the parties don’t live together anymore, and at least one of them doesn’t want to continue the marriage relationship, the state of Maryland and the court won’t be able to prevent the limited divorce process.

The third change brings a completely new ground for divorce. This allows a couple who have no children and have worked out their legal problems and their terms of divorce, to avoid having to wait a year before asking for a divorce. It also allows the couple to live in the same house if they have financial problems (until the process of divorce is resolved). This eliminates a lot of work, procedures and time for your divorce lawyer from Annapolis and will save you some money.

Any family lawyer from Annapolis will tell you that Maryland has a reputation as paternalistic and conservative in divorce laws. There is even the joke: “They don’t call it marry-land for nothing!”. Recently, Maryland has started to adopt some uniform state laws, including family laws. This is a big progress made to modernize the divorce laws and make your life much easier.

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