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The Dangers of Electrocution and What to Do When Injured

Written by admin on February 22nd, 2016

Getting shocked by a current of any voltage or amplitude can be unnerving. In the case of powerful electrical devices, there can be severe tissue burning even underneath the skin. People whose feet are on a conductive surface, such as a wet floor, can be shocked in a circuit that crosses their heart and is often fatal. Even when it’s not, people do have legal recourse if they did not create the conditions.

One example would be a spill of water on a supermarket floor, perhaps from a melting bag of ice cubes. Personal injury attorneys in Maryland have heard of cases where a store employee would plug in an old shop-vac to clean up the mess. However, if they were pulled away, any frayed wiring could electrify the entire puddle. It is not always very common, but liquids and electrical devices have been known to mix with dangerous consequences.

More likely, though, is that employees or visitors at construction sites or manufacturing facilities will be victims of electrocution in Maryland. Unshielded high voltage devices that are relatively close to each other can create electrical arcs, which acts like artificial lightning. Medical researchers note that the temperatures caused by the high-voltage devices as they strike a person’s body can be high enough to ignite cotton and polyester, causing additional damage.

Not all populations are as likely to have to file an injury claim: the old worry about children sticking things in electrical sockets is accurate. Many kids do not understand that dangers of electrical and electronic equipment and toys. The other, as has been described above would be younger men who work in fields with high-voltage electrical devices. Those two groups need the most protections, but with tens of thousands of electrocutions each year, everyone should be aware of these risks.

Keep in mind that there are a number of possible avenues for any potential legal claim. For a person who rents an apartment, for example, an exposed wire could be a result of a landlord’s negligence, improper maintenance by a repairperson or even testing done by a utility work. Personal injury attorneys in Maryland understand who caused the injury and what steps to take to ensure that any medical bills or other needs will be covered in the event of a successful settlement or jury award with the defendant.