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How to protect your intellectual property in Southern Maryland

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24th, 2017

You need to protect intellectual property in Southern Maryland. This is crucial to ensure the success of your business. But do you know what intellectual property is and how you can protect it? With the help of a copyright lawyer from Southern Maryland, you can make sure your creations are copyrighted so that your business flourishes.

Your Southern Maryland copyright lawyer will tell you the intellectual property is defined as items that you’ve created (personally or your business), are unique and can provide you an economic benefit. This includes designs, inventions, original work, and trade secrets. Your Southern Maryland copyright attorney can help protect your intellectual property and there are more options, depending on the type of intellectual property.


Many businesses rely on their inventions. If your business develops a new product or process that is non-obvious and unique, you surely want to protect it. The one that has a patent can stop anyone else from using, making or selling the invention for a period of time (which depends on the type of invention). But to obtain a patent can prove to be a difficult task, and it is recommended to get the help of a copyright attorney from Southern Maryland.

And if your company is coming up with new inventions on a continuous basis, then it is crucial that you have a good Southern Maryland copyright lawyer by your side to help you. But in some cases, even though companies have some inventions, this does not mean they own the invention itself. It all depends on who created the invention. For example, did your employees agreed to sign the rights to all inventions created by them while working for your business?


Copyrights can provide protection for all original work of authorship, that is fixed in a tangible medium (this includes literary, dramatic works, software, photographs, audio, musical, visual recordings, and other types of intellectual works). Once the work is fixed in a tangible medium of expression, the copyright protection will begin. The author is also allowed to use the copyright symbol immediately after publishing. This is an excellent method of informing others about your rights and that you intend to exercise your control over your own work. Furthermore, with the help of your copyright attorney from Southern Maryland, you can file for copyright protection (which is not obligatory) that can allow you to seek court enforcement if someone uses your work without your permission.


The trademark can protect the name of a product by preventing others (people or businesses) from selling another product with the same name. That is why having a unique and identifiable name is a huge advantage for a business. The trademark law tries to protect consumers from deception or confusion and prevents others (people or businesses) to use the same or very similar name for their products. Ask your attorney to help you file for trademark registration with the name of your product.

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