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The importance of using Copyright Website Protection in Columbia, Maryland

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24th, 2017

When investing a lot of money into your business, in graphics, content, and any type of design for your website, you should consider using copyright website protection in Columbia, Maryland. Your copyright lawyer from Columbia Maryland will explain to you that the law provides protection for any original work that is fixed in a tangible medium. This applies to all written information present on your website, including pictures, graphics, as well as all the other elements present on your website. Your Columbia copyright lawyer can explain to you more about this.

The copyright protection is absolute

If you created something new and original, it can be protected. But there is another question a Columbia copyright attorney might bring up: who is the actual author of the website? The answer depends on how the website was created.

  • If you hired an outside individual or a firm to create your website (or even parts of it), they are considered to be the authors for the parts they created.
  • If the website (or parts of it) were created in-house by your companies employees, then the business owns the parts of the website that were created in-house.
  • If an outside company provides the graphics, that company owns the copyright for the graphics.

What does this mean for my website?

Your copyright attorney from Columbia, Maryland, will explain to you that you can contemplate an agreement with the outside firm to develop your website (or parts of it) and you include ownership of the copyright in the mutual agreement. Your Columbia copyright lawyer can create a contract with the firm that creates the website where it is stipulated that your company will own the copyright for the final product. This will allow you to use the product however you want and for whatever purpose you want. But you should expect that the outside company might ask for additional charges to renounce the copyright of their work.

For example, if you want to create a brochure that has the same graphics as the website, but you don’t own the rights to the website, you will need to get permission from the website creator to be allowed to use the graphic design. This can be done and negotiated with the help of your copyright attorney from Columbia Maryland.

What if parts of the website were made in-house?

The copyright protection starts immediately as your work is fixed in a tangible medium. Your Columbia copyright attorney will advise you to use the copyright symbol as soon as you launch the page. This will inform others that you are the owner of this work and that you intend to exercise control over distribution, production, and display of this work.

If your business created parts of copy for the website, you can use to copyright symbol in connection to your work.

  • If your business created the whole website, you can state that the site is copyrighted.
  • In addition to this, even though it is not necessary, filing for copyright protection will make it easier to bring infringers to court and receive compensation.

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