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What I Need to Help You: Maryland Personal Injury Best Practices

Written by admin on February 22nd, 2016

Maryland medical malpractice lawyers and those who argue any number of other types of cases try to do the best with the information they are given. However, to do the best work, we need to establish certain types of information in order to give your claim the best possible chance for success. Let’s take a look at a few things you need before step foot into the office of any Maryland personal injury attorney.

The first is any past legal actions you have taken as well as any financial problems you may be having. These may not keep your case from moving forward. However, some defense attorneys will question a plaintiff’s character or previous litigation. Regardless of whether not your claim is valid, it could paint a distorted picture for a jury that can give a Maryland medical malpractice lawyers problems. Keep in mind that funding is available for cases likely to succeed, and that none of these conversations will leak out.

Similarly, any background that includes a criminal record, this also goes to your credibility as a plaintiff. Unless they were sealed because you were a juvenile, they could be used against you on cross-examination by the defense attorney. In many cases, minor issues are easy to take care of, but knowing them in advance offers Maryland personal injury attorneys the ability to make sure that cases proceed smoothly.

Of course, many potential clients are aware that personal injury claims require medical records. Any doctors’ notes and diagnoses should be kept together, as well as any health insurance documentation and bills. In terms of motor vehicle accidents, police reports and accident reconstruction can be a huge help, or at least the contact information for the responding officer.

We may end up contacting healthcare professionals and others who can serve as expert witnesses. However, if you can provide as much of this information as possible to the initial consultation, it will result in a full picture of how a case might progress so you can make the best decision for you and your loved ones.

Again, all cases are unique and past results do not mean that future cases will turn out the same way. However, making a reasonable estimate requires plaintiffs and their legal counsel to be on the same page when making personal injury claims that will result in a jury award or settlement.