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What to do if you’re injured in Annapolis

Saving evidence after an accident is crucial. Take photographs of the scene and objects such as vehicles. Second, find out contact information for any witnesses. Write down the chronology of how it happened.

It is important that you speak to attorney before having contact with the insurer for the other parties involved in the accident. As a party or witness, your duty is to be impartial. However, the duty of an attorney is to be your advocate. Moreover, an attorney can be critical for determining the central facts that will affect your rights and the outcome.

What To Bring To The Annapolis Automobile Accident Lawyer’s Office After a Collision

So you have been in an accident. You call the lawyer and schedule an appointment. What will the Maryland accident attorney find helpful?

To start, bring with you the information you received at the accident scene. For example, if you have the police officer’s name and bag number, and card, take it as well as the identity of the other driver. It also would be helpful to know the names of witnesses and passengers, and their phone numbers and addresses.

Also, find out the make, model and year as well as color of the vehicles. Try to find out your policy of insurance to present, or at least the policy number and coverage. The “declaration page” can be provided by your agent.

The police report can be obtained in person or by mail, usually by a payment of nominal fee. Try to take photos of the vehicles as soon as possible showing all damages. Bring copies of the tow report or receipt and any estimates.

Finally, prepare a list of all doctors and hospitals where you have been scene. If you have questions, ask the attorney what would be useful at the first visit. Being prepared will help provide proof and save time later.

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