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Dramatic brain injury and Worker’s Compensation laws

Written by admin on February 22nd, 2016

Larry helmets is serious business for construction workers and those working in industrial facilities. However, there are number of factors that could render them less safe for employees. It is a fact that one the results of this can be traumatic brain injury and the resulting conditions can be very expensive and lead to permanent disability, as noted by Maryland workers’ compensation attorneys.

One major concern with traumatic brain injury is that damage is rarely visible. A person can be bleeding from a cut near the ear and have no problems. On the other hand, a simple hairline scratch can lead to a decrease in protection and cause permanent cranial damage. The long-term prognosis can be extremely poor, with often fatal consequences in the worst case scenario. Even moderate injuries can lead to permanent paralysis as noted in workers’ compensation claims.

Unfortunately, the process to get disability benefits can take some time. It is why starting the workers’ compensation process as soon as possible is critical. Family members may need to take the initiative if their loved one is still in the hospital receiving treatment. Contacting a Maryland workers’ compensation attorney is the first step. Whoever gets in touch with one should be able to provide copies of all medical records.

Of course, there are ways to prevent this, and hopefully employers and workers will take note. Helmets should be examined before each shift for any cracks or dents that could be the sign of future fractures. Employers should have people on staff to double-check and make sure that they are safe. In addition, they should meet helmet safety standards so that families do not have to consider a disability attorney.

However, in far too many instances, that simply is not the case. If there has been any impact from falling debris or malfunction equipment, workers need to stop immediately. Symptoms can take several days to develop, and some doctors say it is difficult to treat conditions even if they are caught early. However, a quick diagnosis usually leads to a better outcome down the road, and also will provide solid evidence in the case of any workers’ comp or disability claims.

The best choice after following all of these is to hire a Maryland workers’ comp lawyer. The process can be arduous and some of the best tactics do not always make sense to a layperson. Given the resources of many companies and the difficulty in proving the full extent of brain injury, consulting a legal professional can pay big dividends.