Can a work injury cash settlement in Frederick, MD affect your position in the company?

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People usually avoid filing a work injury cash settlement in Frederick, MD, in fear that they might lose their job.  That is why employees prefer to use their personal insurance and go directly to the doctor than filing for a worker’s comp. Furthermore, people also use their sick days to recover from unwanted injuries. If you suffered a work injury, contact a personal injury lawyer from Frederick, MD, and ask what your right and options are.

Your work injury treatment options

Today, most doctors screen for work injuries and if they consider them work-related, they will directly bill the employer’s workers’ comp insurance provider, or they might refuse to offer you their services altogether.

In addition to this, today you have fewer options to treat your work-related injuries (without filing a workers’ comp). If you are not sure what you can do, you can get the support of a Frederick injury lawyer. You should not worry about your job, because, as your personal injury attorney from Frederick, MD, will tell you, it is your right to file a workers’ comp, and there is nothing your employer can say or do.  There is no way for your employer to fire you without providing a good reason (which has nothing to do with the workers’ comp). The Frederick injury attorney you contact will protect your rights, and if these rights are not respected, they will take the guilty person to court and get you the compensation you deserve.

Your employment

Most employees in the US are at an “at will” employment, meaning that the employer can terminate the contracts of his or her employees for whatever reason (sometimes for none at all). Employees also can resign their job whenever they want for whatever reason at all. Your Frederick injury lawyer can help you determine your employment situation, but the chances are that you are in an “at will” employment.

The “at will” contract

If you were hired under an “at will” contract, your employer could put a stop to your collaboration based on financial problems, company restructuring, your poor performance or other legal reasons. But even if all these allow your employer to terminate your contract, the workers’ comp does not permit your employer to fire you for filing such a claim. But just to be sure, before filing your workers’ comp, you should consult with your personal injury attorney from Frederick, MD.

No employer will fire someone for filing a workers’ comp claim saying that this was the reason for their termination. Once the claim is filed, the employer will not be permitted to fire the injured employee. If your employer did so, you should contact a Frederick injury attorney and sue your “ex-employer”. The compensation you will get will be more than enough to last you and your family for at least a couple of years.

For more information about workers’ comp and your work right you can contact the best personal injury lawyer from Frederick, MD, by calling (443) 569-3950     or send an email at [email protected].

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