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You were waiting at a stoplight for the light to turn green, when your car gets hit by another vehicle. This type of accident may not seem like a big deal, but even though your car may not be that affected, the injuries suffered by you and the passengers can be dangerous and hard to deal with. The cost of medical bills can quickly affect your finances and you may also have to miss time from work. In this situation, it is best to contact your traffic attorney from Maryland and ask them what legal options you have. In this article, you find out general information about what you can do when you’ve been involved in a car accident at a stoplight. With the help of your car accident injury lawyer you can file an injury claim in Maryland and you may get the monetary compensation you need to treat your injuries and repair your vehicle.

Injuries that may occur in this type of accidents

In stoplight accident, there some specific injuries that may occur. The speed of the vehicle that caused the accident determines the severity of the injuries. Some of the most common injuries include back injury and neck injury and these occur at a low speed accident. When the speed of the vehicle responsible for the accident is higher the injuries sustained are more dangerous, such as spinal cord injury, brain injury and internal injuries. It is also possible to suffer psychological injuries not only physical injuries in a car accident. With the help of your car accident injury attorney form Maryland you can determine the value of injury claim and compensation.

Type of stoplight accidents

There are number of ways in which an accident may occur at the stoplight depending on the direction from which the moving vehicle is coming. The stopped car may be hit from the side, head on, or rear end. The most frequent way a vehicle is hit at a stoplight is from the back (rear-ended). No matter how your accident happened or what caused it, you should contact your car accident injury attorney from Maryland to see what evidence you need to prove the liability of the other driver. Your legal adviser may ask you to take photos of the accident.

Filing your car accident claim

If you were hit by another car, you will have to file a claim with the other driver’s insurance company. You will have to get the other driver’s contact information and their insurance information. You don’t have to stress yourself out about this. If you were unable to do this when the accident occurred, you can ask your lawyer to get it form the officer who arrived at the scene. This information will help your car accident injury attorney to file your claim.

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