Defective products injury claims and pharmaceutical drugs in Maryland

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If you’ve suffered an injury because of a pharmaceutical drug, you should contact your defective products attorney from Maryland because you could file an injury claim and receive compensation.  All pharmaceutical-drug-related liability claims can be dealt as with any other defective product claims because they are very similar. The only difference is that the pharmaceutical-drug-related injury claims have special features which you will discover in this article.

Types of medication product liability claims

All drug-related defective product liability claims can be categorized in the following:

  • Claims based on the defective manufacturing of pharmaceutical drugs
  • Improperly marketed drugs
  • Pharmaceutical drugs that have very dangerous side-effects

You can ask your defective products lawyer from Maryland in which of these categories does your case fall to determine what your next steps should be.

Defectively manufactured drugs.  In this category, a person got injured by a pharmaceutical drug that was improperly manufactured or somehow tainted. This can be the result of an error at the manufacturing facility, at the pharmacy where the drug was bottled/ made, during the shipping or labeling. Any mistake involving pharmaceutical drugs is really dangerous and can put the life of the consumer in danger. Your faulty product lawyer from Maryland can help you determine if the drug that caused your injury was defective because of a manufacturing mistake.

Improperly marketed drugs. The marketing of any pharmaceutical drug refers to the instructions, warnings, and recommendations regarding how to correctly use that drug. If the drug did not come with adequate or accurate warnings about any potential side-effects, or adequate instructions concerning the use of a certain drug, then your defective products attorney from Maryland can help you file a claim against the person/ entity responsible.

Pharmaceutical drugs with very dangerous side-effects. In this type of claim, the pharmaceutical drug was properly manufactured, but it had a very dangerous side effect that caused your injury. It is possible for the drug to have been on the market for some time before the pharmaceutical company discovered the side-effects. In some cases, the manufacturer of the drug knew of the danger but chose to deliberately conceal it with the purpose of launching the product on the market. Your defective products lawyer from Maryland can help you prove the intentional/unintentional fault of the pharmaceutical company and can get you an even bigger compensation in the form of punitive damages.

Potential defendants

The potential defendants on a drug-related liability claim may include:

  • The manufacturer. These are usually large companies invest a lot of money in developing new and experimental drugs.
  • The testing laboratory. Before being approved by the FDA, the drugs are carefully tested to ensure they don’t put in danger the life of the patients. The testing laboratories can be owned by the manufacturing company or they can be independent.
  • The pharmaceutical sales representative. Pharmaceutical companies use pharmaceutical “sales reps” to promote their drugs directly to the doctors. If a sales rep recommended the drug that injured you, they can be held responsible for your suffering.
  • The hospital / clinic
  • Your doctor. Your product defect attorney can file a claim against the doctor that prescribed the drug.
  • The pharmacy

Your product defect attorney from Maryland can file a claim against a single person/entity or against multiple persons/ entities based on their fault. This way, you can increase the value of your claim. Most of the time, the cases that involve the big manufacturing company will settle before the lawsuit even starts. Big companies will avoid bad press this way and you may receive a bigger compensation than you would in court.

For more information about pharmaceutical drug product liability you can contact the best faulty product lawyer form Maryland at (443) 569-3950 or send an email to [email protected].

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