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Every year many people suffer workplace accidents caused by defective tools. Even though workers are trained to follow exact procedures, if hand tools don’t have safety devices, nail guns don’t have safety features or ladders have broken rungs, there is little to do to prevent an accident. With the help of your product defect attorney from Annapolis, you can determine who is responsible for the defect and file a claim against them to receive compensation.

Defective generators

Your faulty product lawyer from Annapolis knows that a  generator is one of the most important devices in a workshop, as it may keep the power running in case of a power outage. Unfortunately, a generator defect may cause serious injuries to anyone in the vicinity and even cause death. Defective generators are silent killers and cause the death of dozens of people each year. Other health complications caused by generators include burns, carbon monoxide poisoning, electrocution/electrical shocks, and many others. With the help of your defective products attorney from Annapolis, you can show the generator defect and bring the person/ party responsible to justice.

Defective ladders

Ladders are part of the basic equipment on a construction site and if they fail to work as they were designed, people can suffer serious injuries. Due to inherent flaws or defects, ladders hurt more than 180,000 people every year and kill at least 150 individuals. On a construction site, the most common accidents are related to slip-and-falls from ladders. Workers don’t have to risk their lives every time they climb a ladder. Unstable ladders may tip over hurting not only the person on it, but also other workers in the vicinity. A ladder is considered defective when the frame is weak or is unstable. If you were injured because of a defective ladder, you should contact your defective products lawyer from Annapolis and file a claim.

Defective nail guns

Nail guns are now more popular than ever and have become the favorite hand tool for DIY enthusiasts. Unfortunately, this boost in popularity also increased the number of people who get injured each year (42,000 people). One of the major causes of nail gun injuries is the design defect of the dual firing system which operates the nail gun. The nail guns that have a sequential trip mechanism are considered much safer. Your defective products attorney from Annapolis can contact a specialist who can prove the nail gun defect and also act as an expert witness in your case.

Dangerous and defective power tools

Many people use power tools, especially in the woodworking, construction, and logging industries, as they make the job much easier. However, tool defects can put the lives of workers in danger. The most common type of power tool defects includes shapers and chainsaws.

Contact a defective products lawyer from Annapolis

If you were injured by a defective tool, you should contact a lawyer who has experience and knows the details that can win your case. Find out how the best faulty product layer from Annapolis can help you by calling for a free consultation at (443) 569-3950 or send an email at [email protected].

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