Electrocution brain injury in Maryland – Effects and treatment

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The part of the body that can suffer the most in an electrocution accident is the brain. The brain is the central nervous system, where all the electric signals from your body are being processed, and it can easily suffer damage when in shock. That is why an electrocution brain injury in Maryland is extremely dangerous. The brain is sensible and can suffer damage with low voltage (<1,000V) or with high voltage (>1,000V). You could suffer from damage to the central nervous system, to the peripheral nerves, or to the motor neurons. It is not uncommon for people with an electrical injury to the brain to have brain and spinal cord lesions.  Usually, for injuries suffered at the spinal cord, myelomalacia results without showing any change in the blood vessels, gliosis or inflammation. People have died from an electrical injury to the brain from acute injuries. The cerebral lesions can create effects as anoxia and cardiac arrest.


There are a lot of studies regarding the human body’s resistance to the flow of electric current. It is known that this resistance is lower in the neuronal tissue when compared to the rest of the body. If you suffered an electrocution brain injury in Maryland, the effects could be immediate, but they can also be delayed. Each person responds differently to the shock, and they suffer different damage to the nervous system.

Symptoms and electrocution treatment in Annapolis

Among the survivors, the signs can come immediately after the shock and could be only temporary. Amnesia and unconsciousness are the most common responses, as the central system shuts down when in shock. You could also suffer from paralysis of limbs and paraesthesia. But after a few days or weeks, the progressive disorders may begin to develop. These can resemble one or more syndromes, such as cerebellar disorders, Parkinsonism, myelopathy, sensorimotor peripheral neuropathy and spinal muscular atrophy.  That is why, based on the electrocution law in MD, it is hard to determine whether the reported case is the result of an electric shock or a strange coincidence. But with the help of an electrocution lawyer from Maryland, you will bring to court a lot of know-how, reach an electrocution settlement in MD, and find justice.

The problem for electrocution brain injuries is the treatment. An electrocution treatment in Annapolis will treat each symptom, one at the time because there is still no specific treatment for electrocution injuries. Usually, the cardiac disorders receive acute attention, because the brain injuries require long-term rehabilitation.

Find your justice with the help of an electrical injury attorney from Annapolis

Even if you suffered a minor electric shock and you feel fine, and electrocution injury is serious and if it was the result of neglect, you are entitled to compensation, according to the electrocution law in MD. The best way of approaching this is by calling your electrocution layer from Maryland to discuss your case and to create a strategy to reach an electrocution settlement in MD.

It may be difficult even to think about legal implications at this point, but a brain injury can change your life. The treatments will last for a long time and are quite pricey. On the bright side, we are specialized in electrical injuries and are willing to help you receive the compensation you deserve. Contact the best electrical injury attorney from Annapolis at (443) 569-3950 or [email protected] and you will get a free consultation to discuss your case and find out how powerful your claim is.

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