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June 17th, 2016

There is no such thing as an uncomplicated divorce because there is nothing simple about two human beings that have decided to go their separate ways. Whether we are talking about the emotional impact, the financial issues or the child custody matters, a divorce is hard. What you need to get past it is an Annapolis divorce lawyer that fully understands you and your needs. And we are family lawyers in Annapolis, MD, that are specialized in family law and have over 30 years of experience fighting for our clients' rights.

The Best Lawyer For Divorce

When deciding to separate from your spouse, there are many things to take into consideration, from the financial aspects to child custody. The divorce law in Maryland is not set in stone, and it can be on your side or against you, depending on the circumstances. This is where we come in, to make sure that the law is on your side and that you manage to get through this difficult moment in your life.

The best lawyer for you is one with experience, proven success but, most important, one that understands what you are going through. You need a highly-specialized human being and not a robot. Somebody who will counsel you, fight for you and help minimize the emotional damage a divorce will cause. If there is a way for you and your spouse to reach an agreement regarding this divorce, we will make sure that you benefit from it. If you cannot agree upon certain terms, we will help you take this to court and fight to get you an agreement that satisfies you.

Legal Aspects To Consider In A Divorce

If you and your spouse have children, then firstly you need to consider the child custody and support aspects. We can help you with that and make sure that, even though you are divorced, you still get to be a full-time parent to your child or children. We can also help you with the alimony and property division aspects. Our experience and know-how will also prove very valuable when dealing with a separation agreement, settlement negotiation process, trial litigation, as well as mediation. In the case of domestic violence, we can fight for you to get justice and make your spouse face the consequences of their abusive behavior.

If we are talking about an uncontested divorce, then we have the necessary experience and know-how to enable you to explore the collaborative processes, such as mediation, negotiations, and agreements. If your spouse doesn't agree to divorce or to its terms, then you are dealing with a contested divorce. You will need us in your corner to fight for your rights and design a custom strategy to help you get out of a marriage that has become a burden.

What makes us the best divorce attorneys in MD is our unique approach to each client we have. As you cannot find two identical people in this world, you cannot find two identical marriages. We understand this, and we take the time to assess every aspect of your divorce and create a tailored strategy for you. Contact a divorce lawyer in Annapolis that you can trust. Call us, get our free expertise and let us decide together upon a course of action that will help you deal the best with this difficult situation in your life.

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