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Bicycle knee injury in Annapolis

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June 17th, 2016

Any part of our body is susceptible to injury, and this includes a bicycle knee injury in Annapolis. This is especially true if you are a cycling enthusiast. And when someone suffers from physical harm that was generated by the carelessness of another person or their recklessness actions, they can pursue legal action for a bike injury compensation in MD. In this article, you will learn about the types of medical issues that cause you bicycle injury knee pain.

  1. Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury

Also known as ACL injury, this is the most common bike knee injury in Annapolis. The anterior cruciate ligament is a vital ligament located in the middle of your knee that helps you with stability. An ACL injury can be a little sprain or a tear, and it occurs when the knee takes direct contact, like being struck by a motor vehicle or landing on the pavement.

  1. Lateral and Cruciate Ligament Injury

But the knee has other ligaments that can easily be affected. From a bike injury, the knee could suffer an ACL tear that affects the cruciate ligament. You can also experience damage to the collateral ligaments, such as trauma to theA lateral collateral ligamentA (LCL) or the medial collateral ligamentA (MCL).

  1. Meniscus Tears and Fractures

From a bike accident, the knee injury you suffered in Maryland could be a meniscus tear. This prevents and stops sudden movements. Another type of knee injury is knee fracture. The knee has three bones (tibia, femur, and patella) and any of them could be fractured in a bike accident.

  1. Non-surgical treatments

Any injury to the knee comes with a lot of pain. The intensity of this pain comes from the severity of the injury and the area that was affected. If you can still move the knee, you could firstly try to put ice on the affected area and immobilize the knee with a brace. You can also take special medication to relieve the pain. But the first thing you should do after a bike accident is to visit your doctor to make sure you have not suffered an injury that you are not aware of. This will also help in your cyclist injury claim in Maryland.

  1. Surgical treatments

Most of the time, any injury to the knee requires reconstruction. The torn part of the ligament is replaced with a graft. This repair procedure can be performed arthroscopically. Tiny instruments and a camera are inserted through the incision. This procedure is performed easily, but if you have suffered a severe knee fracture, a surgical procedure may be necessary.

If you have suffered from a bike accident that was not your fault, you can hire a bike injury lawyer from Annapolis. With the help of an attorney, you can file for a cyclist injury claim Maryland and receive the compensation you deserve for your medical expenses, missed time from work and for your pain and suffering.A Contact the best injury team of lawyers at:

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