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Bicycle products liability product defect attorney Annapolis

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June 17th, 2016

Each year tens of thousands of people get seriously injured or lose their life in cycling accidents. Sometimes, the accidents are caused by collision or not paying attention to the road, but some of these accidents are the result of a mechanical failure of a bike component. This is known as product defect. If you got injured in a cycling accident that was caused by a faulty component, contact your product defect attorney from Annapolis to help you file a claim and receive compensation.The types of defective products liability cases When a defective product causes an injury or another type of loss, you can file a claim against all parties who handled the product for consumption or use. This means that your defective products attorney from Annapolis can sue the manufacturer of the parts, the wholesaler, the assembling entity, the retailer, and the distributor. There are three types of products defects that incur liability for which your faulty product lawyer from Annapolis can build a case upon, including:

  • Design defects, when the injury you suffered was caused by the poor design of the product
  • Manufacturing defects, when the injury you suffered was caused by a defect in the manufacturing process
  • Failure to warn, when the injury you suffered happened because a product failed to be accompanied with proper instructions.

Your defective products lawyer from Annapolis can help you decide which of these fits better with your case.Seeking compensation for injuries and lossThe first thing you should do after getting hurt in a bicycle accident is to get yourself checked-up by a doctor and get treated. This will not only help your health but will also stand as proof that you were injured. The medical records given by the medical provider will help your products attorney from Annapolis to establish the extent of your injuries and the amount of your compensation. You can also take several photos from different angles using different lighting, and keep an injury journal of your physical symptoms.To increase your chances of winning, you have to preserve the evidence. This means that if you believe your injury was caused by a defective product, you should keep possession of the faulty product. The evidence must be preserved in the exact conditions they were at the time of you got injured. Do not move, take apart, bend, or temper in any way with the evidence. This proof requires an analysis done by a specialized engineer who can determine if the product was really faulty or not. Your faulty product lawyer from Annapolis can provide you with an expert that can also serve an expert witness at the trial. You should not send the evidence of your case to anyone other than your lawyer and his legal team.Product liability cases are extremely complex and require a lot of experience and an expert engineering analysis of the faulty product. For more information about products liability and bicycle contact the best defective products lawyer in Annapolis at (443) 569-3950 or by email atA

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