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Bone fracture negligence Malpractice attorney in Annapolis

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June 17th, 2016

When a person suffers a bone fracture they may be required to undergo specific medical care or they could suffer further injuries. If a patient's injury complicated due to the treatment of a negligent physician, they could contact a malpractice attorney from Annapolis and file a medical malpractice claim against all medical professionals that may be responsible, even against the clinic or hospital where the patient was admitted.Complications that follow a bone fractureYour malpractice injury lawyer from Annapolis knows that a patient who suffered bone fractures should not exercise for a determined period based on the extent of their injury. They could suffer additional bone fractures, joint damage, broken bones, concussion, paralysis, neurological problems, and even permanent disability. The physician should not allow a patient who has a bone fracture to exercise, but if this happens the patient can contact their medical malpractice lawyer from Annapolis and file a claim against them.Example of fracture negligenceLet's say a patient fractured a hip and after they have it repaired, the patient starts walking around while the fracture might still be healing. If the doctor did not warn the patient to refrain from walking, then the patient can file a medical malpractice claim in Annapolis and receive compensation if their injury gets worse. This means that if the patient develops, for example, a permanent disability because they were not warned by a medical, they will get compensation because the physician in charge failed to warn the patient about how dangerous it is to walk in this type of situation.In addition to this, physicians may also be considered liable for all further damages suffered by a patient in relation to the injury if the medical fails to properly monitor the recovery of their patient. A A malpractice injury lawyer can also help if the doctor doesn't take additional X-rays after the surgery and the patient injured themselves.Legal assistance and medical malpractice claim in AnnapolisIf a patient still recovering from a bone fracture gets to suffer additional injuries because the physician failed to properly monitor their recovery, they should consult an attorney who has dealt with this type of cases before. Your legal adviser can explain and make you understand the medical malpractice law, give proper advise and file a claim against the person (doctor, nurse, surgeon, etc.) or party (clinic, hospital) responsible. Your lawyer must also know when you suffered your injuries to determine if your case can be filed within the Maryland statute of limitations.In some cases, your lawyer may advise you to do further tests and evaluations to determine the extent of your injuries. Based on this evaluation, your attorney can establish the compensation you should receive for the injuries you suffered, as well as for lost wages and further medical bills you have to pay in the future for treating the injury.For more information about bone fracture negligence, you can contact the best medical malpractice lawyer in Annapolis at (443) 569-3950 or send an email atA

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