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Can You Sue For A Paintball Injury In Maryland?

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June 17th, 2016

Ten million people in the USA play paintball at least once in a year, according to studies. While this is a highly popular and entertaining game, it is also very dangerous. Over 4,500 people get injured playing this game and, sometimes, the injuries are severe. If you or a loved one have suffered a paintball injury in Maryland, you may be able to recover damages if you get in touch with a personal injury lawyer from Maryland and file a paintball accident claim in MD.Most common paintball injuries in MarylandOne of the most common injuries that occur during a game of paintball is represented by eye injuries 85% of the total of injuries caused by paintball. Bleeding in the eye, retinal detachment, retina-bruising and swelling, cataract and corneal abrasion are some of the most common injuries in those cases. As you can see, they can be quite severe and lead to permanent visual impairment.Ear injuries are also common in paintball games because a paintball shot at close range can result in a ruptured ear drum, concussion, disfigurement of the outer ear and even hearing loss. Besides those injuries, there have even been fatalities during paintball games, usually caused by the detachment of the carbon dioxide canisters from the paintball guns.Paintball accident claims in MDAs any Annapolis injury attorney will tell you, if you got injured in a paintball game, you have several legal options at your disposal for recovering damages. You can claim that your injury was caused by negligence, whether it's the negligence of another player or the negligence of the facility that failed to provide you with proper protective equipment or inform you about the possible risks. In case your injury was caused by defective paintball equipment, you can file a claim for product liability against the manufacturer, the distributor or even the facility. Besides those two situations, there is also the situation when your injury was intentionally caused by another player for example him or her shooting at you at close range and aiming for your eyes. If this is the case, you can sue for assault or battery.Because paintball is known as a dangerous game, the defendant may choose to argue that you were aware of the risks and still chose to take part in that activity or that you agreed to the possibility of getting hurt. This is why you will need a top Annapolis injury lawyer on your side to help prove that you are entitled to compensation.Personal injury lawyer in MarylandPaintball is a dangerous game and it often causes severe injuries. If you got injured because somebody was negligent, the equipment was faulty or another player intentionally harmed you, you need to reach out to an Annapolis injury lawyer and see how you can recover damages. Contact the best Annapolis injury attorney at (443) 569-3950 or via email at to receive a free consultation.

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