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Can you sue the municipality for an electrical injury in Maryland?

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June 17th, 2016

It is possible to sue the state for an electrical injury in Maryland, but you have to file the lawsuit by following specific guidelines. The guidelines you have to follow are known as the Maryland Tort Claims Act or MTCA. In addition to this, you need to obey the statute of limitations. With the help of a personal injury lawyer from Maryland, you can sue the state efficiently and receive the compensation you need for the electrocution injury treatment, pain, suffering, and for the negligence of the municipality.

Your Annapolis injury lawyer knows that if you sue the State of Maryland, in addition to the rules of MTCA, you have to comply with the standard rules that govern lawsuits.

Steps to take for suing the state for electrocution compensation in Maryland

Your Annapolis injury attorney will explain to you the requirements you have to meet to receive electrocution compensation in Maryland that could help you with the costs of your electrocution injury treatment.

  • One year time requirement. With the help of your Annapolis injury lawyer, you can submit a written claim letter with the Maryland State Treasurer. Your claim has one year to be received from the time you suffered your injury (not the moment you discovered your injury).
  • The claim letter addressed to the Treasurer must contain the following elements:
  1. Name and Address of all the parties
  2. A statement that discloses all the facts about how you suffered your injury, including:
  3. Date of your injury
  4. Place where the injury occurred
  5. The nature of your claim
  6. The demand for your damage, like the particular amount of money
  7. The name, address, telephone number and email of your Annapolis injury attorney
  8. Your claim must be signed by you and your legal counsel
  9. Sometimes, even if you miss the one-year deadline to submit your claim to the Treasurer, you could still request a court hearing. Your lawyer must file a motion that asks the court to hear your case, with the real reason for the delay. Many times, the state will object the delay, but the court will decide if they allow your case to go forward or not.
  • The Treasurer needs time to investigate your claim for as long as six months. If the Treasurer has denied your claim or fails to resolve your case in six months, you can sue the State of Maryland
  • When the investigation phase is finished, you can file your complaint with the court (within three years after your accident).
  • If you want to sue the government, you must serve the summons, complaint and any other documents to the Treasurer.

If you meet all the requirement and win your case, the state can be liable for a certain amount of money. But the MTCA limits this amount to $400,000 for a single incident.

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