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Car accident dental injury compensation in Annapolis

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June 17th, 2016

Some victims of car accidents don't even realize they were hurt. The adrenaline levels rise during the crash, and the person does not feel a thing. In addition to this, some injuries become visible after a few hours after the accident. But more serious injuries, such as broken bones or broken teeth are painful and impossible to go unnoticed. Chipped or cracked teeth are less visible and sometimes go unnoticed. By getting your mouth checked by a dentist, you can determine if your teeth suffered any damage or not.

Car injuries and dental treatment

One of the most common injuries in car accidents are dental injuries. Chipped/cracked teeth are frequently the result of impact forces felt by the vehicle occupants. Impact with the steering wheel, airbag or dashboard, and whiplash forces can easily damage your teeth and any dental work. Unfortunately, car accident victims and insurance companies do not take a car accident dental injury in Annapolis seriously.

Your dental insurance provider will consider whether to fix your dental injury or not and if your chipped teeth are the result of the car accident, then you may be entitled to the compensation that will cover the costs of treatment.

Car injury compensation in Maryland

At first, both auto and dental insurance companies are reluctant to even consider your chipped teeth as more than cosmetic damage. That is why you have to seek immediate treatment. Tell your doctor and dentist about all the injuries you suffered in the accident. By seeking immediate treatment, you prevent the insurance companies from trying to deny your claim. Also, if you consult with a car injury lawyer from Annapolis, you increase your chances of winning your claim and receiving the compensation you deserve. The documents where it states that you received treatment represent a substantial proof that your injury was the result of this accident.

Acting quickly wins your case

This is valid for any car accident where you were injured. It is crucial to see your doctor and dentist immediately after the crash. The longer you wait for your car injury treatment, the more ammunition you give to the insurance companies (by claiming that your injuries were not serious or related to that accident). Dental procedures are costly and if you don't have the funds to pay upfront you can contact your personal injury attorney. They will put you in touch with a specialized dentist that can treat you in advance, waiting for the payment until the settlement of resolution of your case.

If you have suffered any dental injuries in a car crash that was not your fault, you are entitled to compensation for your injuries. If there is any resistance from insurance companies, your traffic attorney will help deal with it accordingly. But hurry, the period of filing for a lawsuit is limited.

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