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Causes, effects and treatments for electrocution brain injury in Annapolis

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June 17th, 2016

An individual who suffered an electrocution brain injury in Annapolis could either have no external injury or they could present severe burns. Sometimes, the electric shock may cause cardiac arrest. If you've been electrocuted and suffered an injury, you should contact your personal injury lawyer from Annapolis and file a claim to receive compensation.Most frequent electrical injuries The electric injuries an Annapolis injury lawyer usually encounters are:

  • Central nervous system damage
  • Electric shock stroke
  • Peripheral nerve damage
  • Motor neuron damage

The people who were electrocuted may also present spinal cord and brain lesions. The spinal cord lesions may result without any change in the blood vessels and the same thing can happen to the brain. If lesions occur, then the gray matter could get damaged. But electrocution accidents are extremely dangerous and could kill a person from acute injuries, cardiac arrest or cerebral lesions. If you've been injured by an electric shock, you should contact your Annapolis injury attorney and describe what you've been through. Your personal injury attorney from Annapolis may help you file your electrocution claim and help you get the compensation you need to cover your treatments.Pathogenesis To this day, the way the body is injured by the electric current is still not fully understood, even though scientists say that the resistance of the body may be at fault. For every person the symptoms may differ and some patients may present electrocution symptoms right away, while other people with delay. That is why, if you've suffered an electric shock, you should get checked by a doctor immediately because even though you do not present any visible symptoms, it is possible that they will appear later on. You can also ask the advice of your Annapolis injury lawyer on this matter.Epidemiology The life today revolves around the electric current and every one of us has numerous devices which use electric current. Even though there are numerous ways to prevent people from getting electrocuted, around 1000 individuals lose their lives each year because of electric current. Being electrocuted is very dangerous and the recovery treatments cost a lot. That is why, with the help of you Annapolis injury attorney you can get you money back and receive enough compensation to cover the future expenses.Signs and symptoms In most cases, the signs and symptoms appear immediately after the electrocution. For some people these symptoms go away after a while, but for some they are permanent, affecting them for the rest of their life. Amnesia and losing consciousness is quite common after an electric accident, as well as paralysis and parenthesis. Some individuals may also suffer from arrhythmia and embolization.Electrocution treatments Even though science and technology have advanced a lot, it is quite difficult to manage and treat electrocution injuries. There is specific treatment for electrocution and doctors treat symptomatically. In addition to this, the electric shock treatments are very expensive and can take an extended period of time. You can ask your personal injury attorney from Annapolis to help you receive compensation and get the financial support you need.Contact the best personal injury lawyer in Annapolis at 443) 569-3950 or by email at

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