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Cell phone laws while driving car accident injury attorney in Maryland

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June 17th, 2016

Maryland has a very strict set of cell phone laws regarding the use of such devices while driving. You are probably aware that all drivers on the road are forbidden from texting or talking on a handheld device while driving. In this article, your will find out more about the cell phone laws from the best car accident injury attorney in Maryland.Phone use depending on the type of licenseThe drivers who have full and unrestricted licenses can use speakerphone, a wireless handset or Bluetooth to make a call while on the road. But drivers under 18 or those who have a provisional license are completely prohibited from using any type of device while driving, including a hands-free device.In Maryland, the texting laws are considered as primary laws and the cell phone laws are secondary laws. According to the legislation, a primary law means that an officer has the right to pull you over for a certain offense without them witnessing another offense. This means that if you were texting while driving, even if you were following every other traffic law, the officer can pull you over. The secondary law allows the officer to pull you over for the offense, but only if you committed another offense. This means that if you were talking on a handheld device, the officer is unable to pull you over unless you broke another law, such as speeding. In this case, the officer will give you a ticket for the other law you broke and also one for the original offense, which is the use of a cell phone while driving.Auto accidents and the use of a cell phoneTexting while driving is completely illegal in Maryland and if you cause an accident as a result, you will be held responsible. This means that you will be unable to file a car accident injury claim in Maryland and you will not receive compensation for your injuries and property damage. Furthermore, the other driver may file a claim against you. Third-parties may also be held partially liable for a car accident. For example, the situation when an individual causes an accident while talking on a handheld phone with their employer. In this case, the employer may also be held partially liable and they too will have to pay car accident injury compensation in Maryland to the driver that is the victim.The fine for talking on a handheld phone while on the road is $40 if it's your first offense and $100 for any subsequent offenses. In addition to this, the fines for texting while driving may vary but will not exceed $500.If you were involved in an accident which occurred because the other driver was texting or talking on the phone you should contact your car accident injury lawyer from Maryland and file a claim against them.For more information you may contact the best car accident injury lawyer from Maryland at (443) 569-3950 or send an email toA

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