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Child pedestrian injury in Columbia, Maryland - Did your kid got hurt?

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June 17th, 2016

Elder people and children are the most susceptible to pedestrian accidents. More than 20% of all pedestrian deaths are children, according to CDC reports. The statistics of child pedestrian injury in Columbia, Maryland, areA on the same level as the national levels. This shows that many drivers are still not aware of their responsibilities. Children lack the ability to predict dangers, be aware of approaching vehicles and make the correct decision in an anxiety state. As a result, a lot of children fall victim to vehicle accidents. If your child was the victim of a car accident, you should contact a personal injury lawyer from Columbia, Maryland and file a pedestrian injury claim.People should drive responsible There are so many bad drivers on the road that there is nothing parents can do to protect their children. In addition to this, regardless of how a child behaves, vehicle drivers should drive preventively and always assume a child could fail to follow the pedestrian rules. And your Columbia injury lawyer knows this also when analyzing your case.Let me ask you this: how many times have you seen a child jail crossing? If drivers don't pay enough attention in this situation, the whole situation could end tragically. Drivers should slow down when on the neighborhood roads, near schools or when they spot children on the street. If your child suffered a pedestrian injury, you can get the help of a Columbia injury attorney to bring the culprit to justice. Your personal injury lawyer from Columbia, Maryland, will get your child the compensation your child needs for their treatment.Distracted walking Most pedestrian accidents happen due to the use of mobile phones. Using a mobile phone on the streets is distracting enough to put one's safety in danger. Today most teenagers have a phone glued to their hand, increasing the number of pedestrian accidents and fatalities. You can find a lot of videos showing people hitting street poles, walls and falling into fountains while using their smartphone. This is exactly why most children become the victim of car accidents. Your Columbia injury lawyer will use their knowledge and experience to show the driver did not drive carefully and make them pay compensation.Settlements in MarylandThere are a lot of cases where the driver could not have predicted the accident. But just as many accidents happen even though children followed all the pedestrian rules. In this case, the driver will be found liable with the help of a personal injury attorney from Columbia, Maryland, and will be obligated by the court to pay compensation. Here are some examples to have a general idea about how child pedestrian injuries are valued in Maryland.

  • 2012, 13-year-old girl got hit on the crosswalk and received $175,056
  • 2011, 14-year-old boy got hit while crossing the street and received $13,687
  • 2011, 5-year-old got hit by a driver who allegedly got blinded by the sun and received $492,401

The compensation value your Columbia injury attorney can get you depends on your case. To find out more about child pedestrian injuries, you should contact the most experienced personal injury lawyer in Columbia, Maryland, for a free consultation of your case at (443) 569-3950 or by sending an email atA

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