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Dealing with a malpractice common bile duct injury in Maryland

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June 17th, 2016

With the introduction of LC (laparoscopic cholecystectomy) in the US, a new form of medical negligence litigation was brought forth. LC is a preferred alternative to the OC (open cholecystectomy). The most common source of malpractice claims comes from wounds to the bile duct system and the gallbladder. If you have to deal with a malpractice common bile duct injury in Maryland, you should get the help of an attorney. With the support of a malpractice injury lawyer from Maryland, you can officially file for a medical malpractice claim in MD and receive the compensation you deserve.

Because of the negligence, you will need another surgery

The injuries resulted from the negligence of the surgeons often require reoperation or the use of different other invasive techniques to repair the damage done. It is quite common for a patient to die because of the malpractice. The monetary expenses to the both the hospital, insurance companies, and the patient are quite high. In addition to this, the victims of the malpractice will miss work for an extended time, so they lose the income, and, sometimes, even the employment. It is evident that the medical malpractice claim in MD related to this problem is very significant. With the help of a malpractice attorney from Annapolis, you can file a medical malpractice claim in MD and also determine the compensation you require to fix the damage resulted from the negligence of the surgeons.

Malpractice common bile duct injury in Maryland

More than 1% of the people who undergo laparoscopic cholecystectomy become the victims of malpractice in the US. That is why the possibility for the surgery to become a medical malpractice trial in Maryland is quite high. The possibility of litigation connected to this problem is a real concern to all parties involved (surgeon, hospital, patient, and insurance carriers). A medical malpractice attorney from Annapolis will help you prove the fault of the doctor/hospital and help you win your medical malpractice trial in Maryland.

The complication that result from malpractice.

Just as with all medical negligence claims, the complications are evidence of neglect. But most of the time the negligence is not always obvious. CBD (Common duct) injuries are acknowledged complications of the biliary tract or gallbladder surgery indifferent if it is OC (open technique) or LC (close technique). The problem that constitutes as negligence in the clinical setting is the way the complications are managed once they were recognized. If they are identified immediately after the initial surgery, the surgeon can repair the damage. But sometimes they are not, and after the period of stabilization, the patient will be referred to a center that has a lot of experience with repairing the ductal injuries.

If you were the victim of malpractice, you can contact the best malpractice injury lawyer in Maryland at (443) 569-3950 or email at You will be offered a free consultation of your case, and together we can prove the wrong that was done to you.

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