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Did you suffer a bike injury to the Achilles tendon in Greenbelt, MD? Here's what you have to do!

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June 17th, 2016

Each year, hundreds of millions of people ride their bike for exercise, recreation or to go to work. But even though so many people use the bicycle, drivers still overlook them, putting them in danger. Every year more than 38,000 people were injured in bike-vehicle accidents, of which around 600 were killed. Suffering a bike injury to the Achilles tendon in Greenbelt, MD, is one of the most common injuries cyclists suffer from the collision with a vehicle. You can contact your personal injury lawyer from Greenbelt, MD, and file an injury claim and make the person responsible play for what they've done.Specialists consider many more people take part in bicycle-vehicle accidents, but because they are not injured, they do not report the accident to the police. You should not do the same. You need firstly to go to a hospital and get checked out; you may have an internal injury you are not aware of. Then you should to contact your Greenbelt injury lawyer and ask them if you have a case.The most common causeMost bike accidents happen because:

  • The driver makes a left turn in front of the cyclist; when the bicycle and the vehicle come from opposite directions.
  • The driver makes a right turn in front of the cyclist; when the two vehicles have the same direction, but the vehicle changes the direction while the bicycle is going straight.
  • Car door opening. Some people are still not fully aware they need to look if someone or something is coming before opening the door.
  • This happens most of the time with big vehicles that get too close to the cyclist, knocking them off the road.

With the help of your Greenbelt injury attorney, you can prove the driver's fault and receive compensation for the injuries you suffered.LiabilityTo determine the fault in a vehicle-bicycle accident, your personal injury attorney from Greenbelt, MD, must prove two things to: the facts of your case and the state law. To increase your chances of winning your case, you can help your Greenbelt injury lawyer by:

  • Writing down what happened as soon as possible, including where the incident occurred, the time when it happened, and what injuries you suffered. (this is crucial for your Greenbelt injury attorney)
  • You can also take pictures of the scene, your bicycle and the other vehicle involved in your accident.
  • Find witnesses and try to get statements from them.
  • If there was a report written, get a copy of the Motor Vehicle Accident Report.

Legal HelpAll this is crucial evidence that your Greenbelt injury lawyer needs to create a strong case. The longer you wait, the less you will remember and the less evidence you will find at the scene where the accident took place.Your personal injury attorney from Greenbelt, MD, will investigate your case, all the facts, gather the proof you need and bring specialists that will aid your case.For more information about vehicle-bicycle accidents, you should contact the best personal injury lawyer from Greenbelt, MD, at (443) 569-3950 or send an email at

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