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Electric shock nerve injury in Maryland - What happens next?

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June 17th, 2016

An electric shock can occur when a person comes into direct contact with an electrical source. When that happens, the electrical energy will flow through the body, causing a shock. This exposure to the electric power can create devastating damage (even death). Many people suffer from electric shocks each year as a result of coming into contact with electrical appliances, electrical circuitry, and electrical wires. Some people experience an electric shock when lightning strikes them. The most common electrical injury are the burns, which are both the result of electric shock and lightning strikes.

Electrical injuries are pretty common

Another common injury is the electric shock nerve injury in Maryland. Children and adults are prone to suffer from a high voltage shock. More than 1,000 people die each year in the United Stated as a result of electrocution. Most deaths are related to electrical job injuries. When you suffer an electrical injury to the nervous system, your eyes, brain, skin and nerves can suffer extensive damage (which can be permanent).

The nerves are very fragile and are easily damaged by stretching, pressure, or cutting. If you suffered an electrical injury to the nerve, the damage would stop the signals coming to the brain. This will cause your muscles not to work properly and the loss of feeling in the affected area. Proving that this condition is caused by an electric shock nerve injury in Maryland, as it could also be a strange coincidence. But with the help of an electrical injury attorney from Annapolis you increase your chances of winning, as a professional will offer you their expertise and knowledge about electrocution accidents. This way you can win your electrocution settlement in MD.

Types of nerves

In your body, more types of nerves can be affected by an electric shock nerve injury.

Motor nerves

These nerves are in charge for physical movement. By damaging a motor nerve, the symptoms will include muscle cramps, muscle twitching, weakness in the muscle, atrophy, shrinking in the size of the muscle and a decrease in the reflexes.

Autonomic nerves

There are a lot of autonomic nerves in your body. They are responsible for the response of all automatic systems, such as heartbeat and breathing. If your autonomic nerves are damaged, you could experience a lot of symptoms, including sweating, low blood pressure, gastrointestinal problems (diarrhea), and irregular heartbeats.

Sensory nerves

The sensory nerves are in charge with the senses, such as sound, sight, and touch. If the sensory nerves are damaged, your sensation will be decreased, and you will find it troublesome to coordinate complicated movement. You could also experience numbness and tingling of the muscles, and neuropathic pain.

The best thing you can do: Contact Your Lawyer

If you have suffered an electrical injury and nerve damage, you should contact your electrocution lawyer from Maryland and start planning your case. An electrical injury to the nervous system is serious, and its effects can be permanent. No matter the case, if the accident was the result of someone's neglect, the person or party responsible need to take responsibility. Your electrical injury attorney from Annapolis will help you win an electrocution settlement in MD with the help of their knowledge in this type of accidents.

We offer you the possibility of working with the best electrical injury attorney from Annapolis, which will help you win your case and receive the compensation your deserve. Contact us at (443) 569-3950 or A for a free consultation of your case, to discuss your situation.

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