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Electrocution Injury - Who is at fault?

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June 17th, 2016

An electrocution injury in Maryland can seriously affect you and can even lead to fatal injuries. There are different types of injuries that result from electrical accidents, but the damages caused by your exposure to an electrical shock can be heart and cellular damage, burn and, sometimes even death. If you were the victim of an electrical shock and it was not your fault, get the help of an electrocution lawyer from Annapolis because you are entitled to compensation (based on the electrocution law of MD).

Sources of electrocution accidents

Most of the people have probably felt a snap of an electric shock resulted from static electricity. The voltage of these electric shocks could be high, but they are not strong enough to harm you. But if you are charged with static electricity, you could easily get shocked from any faulty wiring or something similar.

Faulty wiring, water penetration, overloaded sockets and poorly maintained specific electrical equipment can cause you serious electric shocks. Your electric shock and electrocution can also be the result of you handling electrical appliances with your hands wet. This type of accidents happens mostly to children, but it can also occur in adults. Workers who drill into walls or dig underground can also suffer electric shocks from hidden cables. These shocks are fatal most of the times.

Who is at fault?

Each year in the United States thousands of people are injured from electric shocks and electrocution. In addition to this, hundreds of individuals are injured from fires that were caused by faulty electrical products.

Many people suffer from electrocution shocks as a result of touching or being near power lines. If this happens, the entity at fault is the electric company. It is the duty of each electric company to properly install the wires and carefully maintain them (in the area they are responsible for). The electric companies should fix sags in power lines and repair any faulty power line after the storm. If the electric company was not able to keep the people safe, they have to be held responsible, and you should file for an electrocution lawsuit in Annapolis.

But a large number of electrical injuries are the result of the faulty workplace or household products. When products don't work properly and malfunction, it can cause you an injury. In this case, the entity responsible is the manufacturer because they negligently sold defective products. This gives you the chance of filing a products liability claim that is valid for all household and work products and appliances. Also, if the products will cause an electrical fire or be the source of an electric shock in your home, the manufacturer has to compensate you for your losses.

Sometimes, the manufacturer is not at fault, but the owner of the premises where you were you suffered the electric shock or electrocution. For example, if a construction crew leave wires exposed, does not warn you of the potential hazard, and you suffer electrocutions, they should be held responsible. Their negligence caused your harm, and so you are entitled to compensation. Also, if a contractor fails to install electrical wiring correctly and you were electrocuted, the contractor will be held responsible. Getting the help of an electrocution lawyer from Annapolis will increase your chances of winning your case and receiving the remuneration you are entitled to

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