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Heart attack and wrongful death in Southern Maryland Can you sue?

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June 17th, 2016

Any heart attack must be tended within one hour since the symptoms manifest to reduce the muscle death or scarring. Doctors have to be extra careful when giving the heart attack diagnose because people can die. If your loved one suffered a wrongful death in Southern Maryland due to a misdiagnosed heart attack, you can sue the medical team or the hospital. To help you file a wrongful death claim and represent you in court, you can contact a personal injury lawyer from Southern Maryland.Who is responsible?Most malpractice claims in the US results from delayed or missed diagnosis. Around 50 percent of the wrongful death claims are directed against the doctors who misdiagnosed the condition. Because the symptoms of stroke can be confused with migraines, a lot of primary care physicians give the wrong diagnose. Heart attacks are one of the most misdiagnosed conditions in adults. Your Southern Maryland injury lawyer knows that if you wait too long to evaluate and treat your heart attack, after 2-3 days the outcome of the patient will cease to improve. It is possible even for the best medical to give a wrong diagnostic. But if that happens and someone dies, their family can contact a personal injury attorney from Southern Maryland and file a wrongful death claim. Most of the time, this type of wrongful death lawsuit ends with a settlement, which your Southern Maryland injury attorney can also conduct.Heart attack/stroke can be misdiagnosed by:

  • Emergency room doctors
  • Consulting Cardiologists
  • Attending doctor or staff member
  • Medical student/ intern
  • Lab technicians
  • Triage or ER nurses
  • EMTs and paramedics
  • Urgent care center physicians

How does one receive a misdiagnosis?Your personal injury lawyer from Southern Maryland may recommend you to keep watch if you think your doctor has given a wrong diagnostic. If your loved one is in a stable condition, you can always take them to another hospital/specialists to receive a second opinion. Wrongful deaths can occur when physicians:

  • Do not recognize the stroke/heart attack symptoms
  • Misdiagnose another condition (heartburn, vertigo, seizures)
  • Misread the EKG, MRI, blood tests, ultrasounds, and other lab results.
  • Fail to follow up on a test

It is human to make a mistake. But if a physician fails to recognize a heart attack, an innocent person may die. If your loved one has died or suffered an irreparable injury due to a failed diagnostic, you can contact your Southern Maryland injury lawyer.How to obtain unlawful compensation (for misdiagnosis)You have two ways in which you may receive compensation for wrongful death and malpractice. Your Southern Maryland injury attorney can file a civil lawsuit, or they may settle the claim out of court. As a general rule, the lawsuit must be filed within 2 years after the incident.For more information about heart attack and wrongful deaths, you can contact a personal injury lawyer from Southern Maryland at (443) 569-3950 or send us an email at

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