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How can an electrical injury in Maryland affect your body?

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June 17th, 2016

Electrical damages represent a dangerous type of accident in the US, especially the electrical injury to the brain in Maryland. Electrical injuries may be categorized as low and high voltage injuries. The injuries of the accident result from the direct effects of the current that passes through your body, and from the conversion of the electric energy into the thermal energy. If you suffered such an injury, you should contact an electrocution injury lawyer from Maryland.

The initial evaluation

The severity of your injury will depend on the voltage, the current intensity, the type of current, the duration of exposure, contact surface, the resistance of the tissue, the pathway, and many others.

The DC electrocutions tend to cause a muscle contraction and throw the victim from the source of the current. This type of accident will cause mostly blunt trauma to the victim, but is not unusual for the victim to suffer cardiac dysrhythmias, which is the disturbance of the phase of the cardiac cycle. The cardiac defibrillator affects a person in a similar way.

The AC (alternating current) electrocutions are the ones that are three times more dangerous, even at the same voltage. The frequency of the AC in the US is 60 Hz (Hertz) because this is the lowest frequency for incandescent light to work. AC generates continuous muscle contraction, and the muscle fibers can be stimulated between 40 and 100 times per second. Because of this, the victim tends to get stuck on to the source of the current, thus increasing the duration of the contact and making the injury worse. Most of the time, AC is responsible for the electrical injury to the brain in Maryland. With AC, the long-term effects of the electrical injury will be present. With the help of an electrical injury attorney from Annapolis, you can file for electrocution claim in Maryland and receive the compensation that will cover the bills for the treatments.

The longer the contact, the greater the damage done

The duration of the contact will directly determine the severity of the wound and the level of tissue destruction. The current often concentrates at the contact point and the ground point of the body. This is where the tissue damage is the greatest. But it is quite typical for other parts of the body to suffer extensive damage between the two points.

The electrical injuries can be the result of direct and indirect contact with the power source. The indirect contact is classified into flash, arch, blunt trauma, and thermal injuries. The injuries resulted from an arch indirect contact are greater than others. When the victim becomes part of the arch, they will suffer extensive thermal burns, due to the ignition of the clothes. The temperature of the arch can reach 2,500 degrees Celsius. Another part that is significantly affected is the central nervous system and the heart. The effects of it can be immediate, or they can show after a few days or months. It is quite frequent for the victims of electrocution to suffer from cardiac arrest. If you have suffered an electrocution accident, you should get the help of an electrical injury attorney from Annapolis and file for an electrocution claim in Maryland. The electric injury compensation in MD will help you treat your wounds and help with therapy for the long-term effects of the electrical injury you suffered.

If you are in need of an attorney, you can contact the best electrocution injury lawyer from Maryland at Maryland at (443) 569-3950 or email at You will get a free consultation of your case, and together we will fight for the electric injury compensation in MD you deserve.

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