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How to prove liability in case of an electrocution-related injury

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June 17th, 2016

An electric shock accident can seriously affect a person, and it can even lead to that person's death. There are various types of injuries that can occur from electric accidents. The damage caused by exposing your body to an electrical shock could be cellular and heart damage, burn and even death. If you have suffered from an electric shock that was not your fault, based on the electrocution law in Maryland, you are entitled to compensation. It is your right to get the help of an electrocution lawyer in Annapolis.

The sources of electrocution accidents

One of the most frequent sources of electrical shocks or electrocution is the contact with power lines. It is the duty of electric companies to properly install the wires and maintain them (by fixings sags in power lines and repairing faulty power lines after a storm). If a power company fails to take appropriate measures to keep the people safe, they can be held responsible for an electrocution lawsuit or settlement.

Another cause of electrocution accidents in Maryland are the defective products, which are less likely to kill you, but they could seriously injure you. A These accidents occur mostly at home due to broken power tools, appliances, or medical devices. The most susceptible to electrocution are the children, who get hurt by unsafe children products. Faulty repairs or installations can easily result in electrocution and are the primary cause of home electrocution accidents.

Proving who is at fault for your electrical injury.

But to be able to make the manufacturer or service company accountable for your injury you have to prove that they are at fault. To show that the electrical shock or electrocution was not your fault, based on the electrocution law in Maryland, you have to demonstrate the product's liability. This requires you to get the help of an electrocution lawyer in Annapolis, one that has the necessary expertise in electrocution lawsuits. If the product has a manufacturer defect, demonstrating that will include expert witnesses, technical reports and product designs. If your claim is that the electric shock was caused by the defective design of the product, the claim should be that the product worked as it should have, but the design was negligent.

When an electric accident that leads to a personal injury in Annapolis occurs, the attorney is the one who will handle the problem of finding the right electrical engineers and accident investigators, who will determine the cause of your accident. And if the responsible party proves to be the electric company, the manufacturer, or the electrician, you can make them take responsibility and not only provide for your medical care but also compensate you for the loss of income and emotional strain generated by your injury.

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