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Medical malpractice and surgical errors surgical error lawyer Annapolis

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June 17th, 2016

No surgery is minor and 100% safe. Whether you are getting your appendix removed or getting a new bypass, your surgery procedure should be taken seriously. A Nobody wants to hear following a surgery that a surgical error occurred. Even so, there are thousands of patients each year that get injured or lose their lives because of surgical errors. But when this happens, who is at fault? Does it mean that the surgeon committed medical malpractice? Your surgical error lawyer from Annapolis can help you determine if you or your loved one have been the victims of medical malpractice and can help you get the compensation you need.What is medical malpractice?Just because a surgical error occurred does not automatically mean that anyone is liable for the medical malpractice. It is true that this may be a medical malpractice failure to diagnose in Annapolis. But if the medical treatment in question was in the limit of the medical standard of care and if any other medical would have given the same diagnosis based on your symptoms and test results, then it may be hard to find somebody liable.What is a surgical error?A surgical error is defined as a preventable mistake that happens during a surgery. All surgeries have their own elements of risk. That is why it is typical to sign an informed consent form before undergoing a surgery, where all the risks are presented. This is known as informed consent. But surgical errors go beyond all known risks and may be unexpected. For example, there are many babies who suffer each year from a malpractice birth injury in Annapolis. You can ask your surgical error attorney from Annapolis if you are in need of legal help and file your claim.Why do surgical errors happen in the first place?There are no two identical surgeries. Likewise, each surgery error can be unique. But generally, there are seven main reasons why surgical errors happen.

  • If the surgeon is new to this type of surgery or has not performed it many times, they probably lack the skills to do it successfully.
  • Insufficient planning. Every surgeon should be well-prepared for a surgery. This includes reviewing and prepping for any unwanted complications.
  • Improper work process. Sometimes a surgeon may decide that a certain step is unnecessary. Any shortcut can cost the patient very much. This is the case with the malpractice birth injury in Annapolis.
  • Poor communication. The failure to communicate with the other surgeons and even attendees may lead to critical errors.
  • Many surgeons have very long shifts. This may cause serious fatigue.
  • Alcohol/drugs. Sometimes, a surgeon may resort to alcohol or drugs to help them handle stress better.
  • In many cases, the surgeon just doesn't care enough to be as careful as they can or should be. This behavior may also result in a medical malpractice failure to diagnose in Annapolis.

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