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Medical malpractice and mental health in Maryland How can your therapist be responsible?

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June 17th, 2016

Psychiatric treatments are often a difficult process, both for the doctor and the patient. As a result, strict guidelines were set out to help doctors and nurses prescribe the proper treatments and make the right decisions. This way, the patients will be given the best standard care possible, and they and other patients will be protected from harm. If you were the victim of medical malpractice regarding the mental health in Maryland, you can get the help of a malpractice injury lawyer from Maryland and fight for your rights.

Medical malpractice and mental health in Maryland

Most of the time doctors and therapists make the correct decisions, but sometimes the patient is at risk of being the victim of human error. The medical malpractice in psychiatric fields is just as common as the malpractice in other medical fields. And just like the malpractice in other medical fields, the doctor, psychiatric professional, or hospital can be found liable with the help of a malpractice attorney from Annapolis.

Based on the medical malpractice law in MD, the common forms of psychiatric negligence are:

Failure to conduct the proper suicide risk assessment. It is considered a requirement for physicians to do a proper suicide risk assessment on every potential patient that is suspected of suicidal thoughts. If the doctor fails to determine this considering the patient history, gender, age, sexual orientation, living standards, employment and other factors, they will be at risk of being in a medical malpractice claim in MD.

Improper treatment or diagnosis. The medical malpractice laws in MD state clearly that any health professional needs to be able to define a precise diagnosis for a patient if the assessment has occurred. Some people think that most psychiatric diagnoses are ill-defined, but this is not true. It is possible for the doctor to give an improper diagnosis and prescribe the incorrect treatment. As a result of this, it is possible for the patient and their family to bring the doctor into a malpractice lawsuit.

Boundary violations. A boundary between the patient and the health care provider should exist (medical malpractice law in MD). If the professional violates this limit or if they attempt to use their position to illicit sexual encounters (example) with one of their patients, they will be guilty of malpractice.

Falsely repressed memories. Revealing repressed memories is one of the most common procedures for mental health patients. Specialists think that the source of the mental problems lies in the repressed memories. If a patient is revealed false memories and it causes irreparable harm to them or the others, then the mental health professional will be held responsible for the false memories.

You can file a medical malpractice claim in MD for any of these psychiatric negligence cases with the help of a malpractice attorney from Annapolis and bring the person responsible to justice.


The courts are starting to recognize the standard care for patients who receive mental health treatments. But these cases represent a small part of the mental health malpractice cases that actually exist. It is important for the mental health care professional to give their patient the highest care possible. Failure to do so is grounds for a malpractice claim.

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