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Most Common Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents In Maryland

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June 17th, 2016

Motorcycle accidents in Maryland are quite common and, most often, they have dramatic consequences. According to studies, only 1 in 4 motorcycle crashes is a single vehicle accident resulting from colliding with the road or an obstacle on the road. In 3 out of 4 cases, the crash is caused by the motorcycle colliding with a passenger car. So what are the most common causes of motorcycle accidents and how can those be avoided?

Head-on collision with a car

One of the most common causes of motorcycle crashes is also the most dangerous one. Head-on collisions with cars account for 56% of the motorcycle fatalities and most of the motorcycle traumatic brain injuries in MD. This happens when a car strikes a motorcycle from the front and, in most cases, it proves fatal to the biker.

Left-hand turn made by a car

This situation usually occurs when a motorcycle is going straight through an intersection, passing a car or trying to surpass it. The size of the motorcycle makes it hard for the driver to notice it when they are turning, resulting in accidents. In most of the cases with this type of collision, it is the driver's fault. However, if the motorcyclist was in the wrong lane or if they were speeding, they may be partially at fault for the accidents, which can weaken a motorcycle injury claim in Maryland.

Lane Splitting

Another example of motorcycle car accident is caused by lane splitting. When there is a traffic jam, and the cars are stopped or moving slowly, the motorcycle drives between two lanes to avoid the queue. While in some states lane splitting is permitted, in Maryland it is considered illegal. In this situation, the motorcycle driver will be considered at fault, and they will not have a valid motorcycle injury claim in Maryland.

Other common causes of motorcycle accidents are collisions with fixed objects, road hazards, as well as speeding and alcohol use.

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