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STDs And Personal Injury In Maryland

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June 17th, 2016

A topic most people tend not to talk about is related to STDs. Unfortunately, STDs are not uncommon at all, and their severity can range from mild to life-threatening. Not many people know this, but passing an STD to a person can be grounds for a personal injury lawsuit and, in some cases, even for a criminal one. How are STDs and personal injury connected in Maryland? Should you reach out to a personal injury lawyer from Maryland in case you have been transmitted an STD?STD intentional torts in MD vs. negligence In general, for somebody to be liable for negligence, they must breach their duty of care towards another person. As any Annapolis injury attorney will tell you, transmitting an STD to somebody can be considered a breach of duty. As a result, an individual may choose to sue another one for personal injury caused by negligence. However, this type of lawsuit is not very common, as people tend to be ashamed to talk about STDs and may choose not to pursue compensation from somebody who has unintentionally infected them with an STD.More common than STD related lawsuits claiming negligence are the STD intentional torts lawsuits in MD. If an individual transmits an STD to another one on purpose, that can be considered battery, which is an intentional tort. Battery is followed by civil liability, which means that, if found guilty, the defendant will have to pay personal injury damages. You should be aware, though, that civil lawsuits related to the transmission of STDs usually involve incurable diseases like AIDS/HIV, herpes, etc. As any personal injury from Maryland will tell you, curable STDs don't usually result in damages that are large enough to justify the lawsuit. You have the right to try and bring the responsible party to justice, but you shouldn't expect a very large compensation in the case of curable STDs.The state of Maryland has very strict rules regarding AIDS/HIV transmission. It is considered a crime for an individual to knowingly infect or attempt to infect another with HIV. This means that the said individual can be prosecuted even if they didn't manage to infect the other person with HIV. HIV transmission can also be considered reckless endangerment, which is a misdemeanor, by the laws of Maryland.Annapolis injury lawyerWe understand that STDs represent a delicate topic that not many people choose to talk about. However, if you were the victim of an STD intentional tort, you need to find the courage to bring the responsible person to justice. We will help you each step of the way and make sure that your case is heard properly so that you can get justice. Contact the best Annapolis injury attorney at (443) 569-3950 or by email at for a free evaluation of your case.

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