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The necessity and relevance of the work injury witness statement in Baltimore, Maryland

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June 17th, 2016

If you suffered a work injury and need a work injury witness statement in Baltimore, Maryland, there are a few things you must know. In many cases, people choose to walk away, to avoid getting involved, even if those people are colleagues or witnesses. This is a really bad thing for the victim because the lack of witnesses can hurt clarifying how certain events took place. Your personal injury lawyer from Baltimore, Maryland will tell you that having a witness statement can help your claim, show how you got your injury, A how this injury changed your life, and will determine the amount of your compensation.Independent witness A person who is not directly involved in a situation is considered a witness. This person can attest what happened. If the witness does not know or have any association with the parties involved in the accident, then the witness is considered independent witness. This third party can clarify and offer an unbiased viewpoint of the event in which you got your work injury. After getting your injury, you should seek medical care and also contact your Baltimore injury lawyer explain to you what you should do and not to do.What is a witness statement? Your Baltimore injury attorney will explain to you that a witness statement is the written document where you find all the information the witness has given about a situation. This written statement needs to be set out in a certain way to be admissible in court. Your personal injury attorney from Baltimore, Maryland, can also help the witnesses give statements that can help your case.A How to write a statement?Your Baltimore injury lawyer will first contact all witnesses to see what information they possess and if any of it is relevant to your case. After they establish who knows what, the Baltimore injury attorney will draft a witness statement in the correct format, which the witness has to approve. This statement needs to be signed by the witness and to have a date to become valid.What is written in the statement is presented exactly what the witness has seen and must not contain information from other people. If the witness is influenced in any way, they cannot be used in court.Do witnesses come to court?In most cases, the work injury cases settle between your personal injury attorney from Baltimore, Maryland, and the defendant's lawyer. If the settlement is reached, the witness will not have to come to court, as the case will not move forward. But if the two implicated parties do not settle, then the witness will be obligated to come to court as evidence. In Maryland, you need at least one witness to receive work injury compensation. With the help of your lawyer, you can gather the evidence required for you to receive the compensation you deserve and need.For more information about worker's compensation and witness statements, you can ask the best personal injury lawyer from Baltimore, Maryland, at (443) 569-3950 or by sending an email at

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