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What happens in a car accident involving animals? Car accident injury attorney in Maryland

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June 17th, 2016

Animals are not able to follow the traffic rules and as a result many car accidents involving animals occur in Maryland. These accidents are extremely dangerous because the animal jumps in front of the car out of nowhere, giving the driver no time to react and avoid the accident. Even if you hurt or kill someone's pet or a wild animal, this situation may be very complex, as you will require compensation for lost wages, property damage and medical bills. In this article, the best car accident injury attorney in Maryland will explain to you what you have to do in this situation and what legal option you have to receive injury compensation.Injuries most common in car accidents that involve animalsThe driver and the passengers of the vehicle may suffer different types of injuries, including scrapes, bruises, cuts, and even whiplash. But in some cases a person may suffer more serious injuries in a car accident in which an animal is hit, including fractured or broken bones, back and head injuries, and even spinal cord or brain damage. The severity of the injury directly affects the cost of the medical treatment and the time missed from work (and lost wages). With the help of your personal injury lawyer from Maryland you may file an injury claim and receive injury compensation.Who is at fault?When seeking damages, it is crucial to determine who is at fault, especially in an animal-car accident. Most people believe that if they are the only driver involved in the accident, they are at fault for the crash. Although this scenario may be possible, most of the time the driver is not at fault.In the case of domestic animals, if someone keeps an animal as pet (personal property), they are responsible for whatever the dog does. This means that if the dog is roaming freely on the streets and you hit it, their owner might be considered negligent and may have to pay your car accident injury compensation in Maryland.You should also know that there are different degrees of liability when you hit a domestic animal. For example, if the dog was kept in a yard and it broke out due to certain circumstances that were out the owner's control, they will not be found liable for the accident and they will not have to pay any compensation.What to do?If you've been involved in an animal-vehicle accident, you should firstly contact your car accident injury attorney and explain to them what happened. Your attorney will probably tell you that you should see if there was any witness to your accident and get them to write a witness statement. You may also contact the pet's owner and get their insurance information. Your legal adviser might also recommend you to contact the police in order to have a police report for your case. The more evidence you have to prove your innocence, the stronger your case will be.For more information about animal-vehicle accidents and to file your injury claim you should contact the best car accident injury lawyer in Maryland at (443) 569-3950 or send an email toA

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