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What to do if you suffer a car accident rib injury in Baltimore, Maryland

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June 17th, 2016

In a car accident, one of the most frequent injuries suffered by the passengers are fractured or broken ribs. The car accident rib injury in Baltimore, Maryland, is the result of the direct contact with the chest and torso area. In addition to this, suffering of osteoporosis or bone cancer can severely weaken the bone structure, making it more susceptible to injuries. If you suffered a rib injury in a car accident, contact a personal injury lawyer from Baltimore, Maryland and receive compensation.In general, fractured ribs heal on their own in just a couple of months, if you are in perfect health and follow the treatment your doctor gave you. Broken ribs, on the other hand, are more dangerous because they can lead to lung damage or puncture on internal organ (which will put your life in danger). That is why getting the legal advice of a Baltimore injury lawyer because such an injury is life threatening.Confirming your rib injury Immediately after your car crash, you should be taken to the emergency room even if you don't feel that anything is wrong. A Any Baltimore injury attorney knows that people may not feel any discomfort in the chest and torso area, even though they suffered internal damage. Some traumas may appear after a couple of days, causing significant pain. That's why visiting an emergency room immediately after an accident is crucial for your wellbeing. At the hospital, you will undergo proper evaluation, including X-rays. CT-scans, MRIs and possibly an ultrasound to determine the extent of your injuries. You should bring all the results of your tests to your personal injury attorney from Baltimore, Maryland. This is essential evidence that will help your case. In addition to this, your Baltimore injury lawyer will file an injury claim to ensure your treatment costs will be covered.Treating your ribs at homeNo Baltimore injury attorney advises you to treat your rib injury at home. Having a broken/fractured is dangerous and needs to be looked at and treated by a doctor. You should also avoid wrapping your ribs because it will cause pneumonia or lung infection.Your doctor may advise you to directly apply ice over the injured rib. You can either use an ice pack, a bag a peas or even frozen gel for 20 minutes every hour you don't sleep (in the first two days after your accident). Doing this will help reduce the pain and swelling. Be advised: wrap the ice pack in a cloth before applying it to your skin to avoid suffering of ice burns and frostbite. This is just about all you can do to tend to your wounds. For more information about this, you can also ask your Baltimore injury lawyer.Getting the legal help you needIf you suffered a rib injury, the first thing you should do is to treat your wounds. After you are out of any danger, you can contact your personal injury attorney from Baltimore Maryland. Together you will fill a car injury claim to receive compensation (that will consist of the cost of pain and suffering, treatment, fear, grief, insomnia, loss of enjoyment, worry, etc.Contact the best personal injury in Baltimore, Maryland at (443) 569-3950 or via email atA for a free consultation of your case.

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