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Whiplash in vehicle crashes – traffic attorney in Maryland

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June 17th, 2016

All car accidents are different and because of this it may not always be easy to predict the type of compensation one can receive in a Maryland car accident injury claim, especially when the victim suffered a whiplash neck injury.  In this article, you will discover some of the factors that can influence this type of car accident injury claim and the key issues that may appear because of a whiplash injury. Because this type of case may be harder that a normal car accident, it is recommended to get the help of a traffic attorney from Maryland to increase your chances of receiving injury compensation.

What is whiplash?

The term “whiplash” is used when the muscles, ligaments, and tendons in the head, neck and shoulder area are suddenly contracted because of an unexpected force (generated even in a seemingly minor collision), making the connective tissue to overstretch unusually far. This neck sprain and strain can become a “soft tissue injury” (“hyperextension” or “hyper flexion”) or commonly referred as whiplash.

The main signs and symptoms of whiplash can include:

  • Shoulder pain and stiffness
  • Neck pain and stiffness
  • Upper back pain and stiffness
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches

In some severe cases of whiplash, the victim might suffer memory loss, sleep disturbance, difficulty in concentration and even fatigue. If you present some of these symptoms you should get checked by a doctor to receive treatment. In addition to this, you can contact your car accident injury lawyer from Maryland to file an injury claim against the person responsible.

Proving whiplash is harder than you think

Many people get to suffer whiplash injuries during car accidents, but unfortunately they don’t get compensated for it because they were unable to prove the injury’s existence. This happens because just like all other soft tissue injuries, whiplash injuries don’t show up on any diagnostic test, including MRIs or X-rays. But this doesn’t mean that the whiplash injuries ass less painful than other type of car accident injuries. If you feel any pain in your neck, discomfort, stiffness, limited movement or any other symptom of whiplash, you should get medically treated.

The medical treatment you receive will help you get better and get healthy again, but it will also help your injury insurance claim. The insurance adjuster that will be appointed to your case will not take your word for it when you tell then you got injured and it will always help to have a medical report that shows what injury you suffer from. Your car accident injury attorney from Maryland will explain to you more about the evidence you need to sustain your claim.

Dealing with lowball settlement offers

There are many cases where insurance companies try to lower the compensation using the “whiplash” excuse. If you deal with the case by yourself, you can accentuate aspects of your claim which show you should receive compensation for the injuries you have suffered. It is easier for your car accident injury attorney from Maryland to do this, as they already know the law and legal procedures for car accident claims.

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