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Why you need a slip-and-fall expert witness for your case personal injury lawyer in Annapolis

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June 17th, 2016

Many people get injured during winter because of ice and snow. A lot of these injured people get to suffer spinal injuries which may affect the ability to live a normal life. If the snow and ice are not cleared in a timely manner decided by the law (of the city or county) it means that someone was negligent in respecting their duties. Your personal injury lawyer from Annapolis can help you file a formal claim and receive the compensation you need for the medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, disability, and many more. But what is the role of an expert witness in a slip-and-fall lawsuit in Annapolis and why having one by your side is crucial?Why you need a slip-and-fall expert witness?During winter, the number of people getting injured is three times higher, especially because of ice and snow. But most cases which involve snow and ice are extremely complex and proving the negligence which generated your accident can be quite difficult, even if you have the best slip-and-fall attorney by your side.In a slip-and-fall lawsuit in Annapolis, the defense (i.e. the lawyer of the negligent party) will try to pin the entire thing on you, making it seem like you contributed to the accident and that you were fully aware of all the risks. If they are successful, your claim will be dismissed and you will not get compensated. But this will be almost impossible to do if you have an expert witness testify in court stating whose fault it is for the accident.The snow expert witness can also help answer any complex questions regarding your accident and situation, including:

  • What factors contributed to your accident?
  • Whether the owner respected the law and followed proper snow and ice removal procedures
  • Could you have been aware of the dangers right before the accident?

These question are just a few examples of the questions the expert witness could answer while testifying in court. Your slip-and-fall injury lawyer can provide you with an expert witness which will be definitive for your case and has in-depth knowledge about ice and snow slip-and-fall accidents and lawsuits. It is a great advantage to have an expert witness and it could be impossible to find one without the help of an experienced injury lawyer.Get the help of a professionalYour lawyer is responsible for selecting an expert witness. In most cases, this person is someone who has vast knowledge about weather reports and how property owners should act in order to prevent hazardous conditions, including de-icing and anti-icing procedures. The expert witness testimony is crucial. A Filing a slip-and-fall claim in Annapolis may prove to be pointless without one and you could not get the compensation you are entitled to.For more information about accidents on snow and ice you can contact the best slip-and-fall injury attorney from Annapolis at (443) 569-3950 or send an email at Free consultation of your case.

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