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Will a work injury cash settlement in Maryland affect your position in the company?

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June 17th, 2016

Most people avoid filling for a work injury cash settlement in Maryland in fear they will lose their job. Often, employees prefer to use their health insurance and visit the doctor, instead of filing under workers' compensation. In addition to this, people will use their sick days as a time of recovery for their work injury. By contacting a personal injury lawyer from Maryland your rights as an employee will be protected, both with insurance companies and with your employer.

Most doctors today screen for injuries that happen during the job and if they decide your injury is work related, they will bill your employer's workers' comp insurance provider directly or refuse to service you.

Today you have few options in treating your work-related injuries but to file a workers' compensation claim in Maryland. If you are stressed about this, you don't have to worry because under the work injury employee rights in MD your employer cannot fire you for filing a workers' compensation claim in Maryland. But while you have an open workers' compensation claim, your employer can fire you if they provide reasons for this action, which has nothing to do with your workers' comp.

Your employment

In the US, most employees are under an at will employment. This means that the employer can terminate his employees' contracts for whatever reason (or for no reason at all). But employees can also resign from their job for whatever reason or no reason at all. If you are not sure what is your employment situation, then you probably are an at will employee.

What does at will employees mean?

If your job situation puts you under at will employee, your employer can stop the collaboration based on poor work performance, restructuring of the company, due to financial problems, or any other legal reason. Sometimes, even though the work injury employee rights in MD do not permit it, employers fire people because they file a workers' comp claim. That is why, before filing for a workers' comp, you should consult with your Annapolis injury lawyer.

The employer that fires someone who filed a workers comp claim will not say that they terminated an employee for this reason. According to the law, no employer can fire an employee as retaliation for the workers' compensation claim they filed. Your Annapolis injury attorney will explain to you that if your employer terminates your employment, then you can sue them for retaliatory termination or discrimination.

Retaliatory termination

Your Annapolis injury lawyer will explain to you that it is illegal for an employer to fire someone for reporting their workplace injury or if they filed a workers' comp claim. If you were fired after you filed a workers' compensation claim and you believe that is the reason for your termination, contact an Annapolis injury attorney and start gathering the evidence you need to prove your suspicion.

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