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Work Injury Herniated Disk Treatment, Liability and Compensation

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June 17th, 2016

An accident involving your workplace or a work-related injury may represent, first of all, a violation of your human rights. Your injury may be the result of your employer's negligence and failure to provide you with the standard care, in which case you need to contact a work injury lawyer in Annapolis.

What are the symptoms of a herniated disk?

A herniated disk represents a problem with one of the disks that lay between the individual bones of your spine. Sometimes it can irritate the nerves and produce pain, but most of the times, it doesn't give symptoms until it's too late. A work injury herniated disk can be caused by repetitive lifting, pushing and pulling if your job is physically demanding. If you do not address this issue promptly, you are at risk of more severe complications, such as excruciating pain that prevents you from performing your daily activities, bowel or bladder dysfunction or progressive loss of sensation in the lower part of your body.

Workers' Compensation & Employers' Liability in Maryland

The MD workers' compensation law exists to protect people like you. Your employer has the legal obligation to provide the standard amount of care to you and, if they fail to do so, you are entitled to work injury compensation in Maryland. With the help of your work injury attorney in Annapolis, you should fill in an MD work injury claim form and gather all the evidence you have at your disposal regarding your work accident.

The injury may be caused by a one-time accident, or it may be the consequence of repeatedly straining your spine at your workplace. Regardless of the situation, you work injury claim is still valid if you can prove that your injury was caused by the working conditions and that your employer is liable for it. Regarding the compensation you should receive, any work injury attorney from Maryland will tell you that there are many factors in this equation besides the medical bills and the loss of income, there is also the matter of emotional distress, which can be hard to estimate from a financial point of view.

When should you contact your work injury lawyer in Annapolis?

As soon as you have received the necessary medical care, you should call your lawyer and discuss your options for filing a work injury claim. The Maryland workers' compensation law was created to prevent this type of situations. If you believe your employer was negligent, then you have the right and the moral duty to report it and fill in an Annapolis work injury claim form.

A work injury compensation may not undo what has been done to you, but it can help ease the burden and your stress so that you can focus on getting better. For more information and workers' compensation and employer's liability contact us at (443) 569-3950 or by email at We wish to hear your story and offer our free assessment so that you can discover where you stand and what you should do next.

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